Youth Parliament

The International School Awards aim at promoting global peace and harmony through integrated learning. Under the sagacious guidance of Mrs Mamta V Bhatnagar, Director Manav Sthali School has taken up this project for promoting exemplary practices of internationalism and nurturing global citizenship in the young minds.

The curriculum activity “YOUTH PARLIAMENT” has been an initiative to make students understand the parliamentary procedures and make a comparative study of two countries, INDIA and DENMARK, vis a vis their constitution and Parliament holdings —a step towards promoting and establishing Global Peace. This was done through projects and power point presentations and helped them to identify the interconnectedness between two different nations thus enabling them to understand the constitution of their own country while respecting international cultures.

Mrs Bhatnagar underlined the need of the young Manav Sthalians to think of the country first and always. She emphasized that these kinds of activities such as organizing of mock Parliament are very important to channelize the energies of young students towards a creative thought process. She aims at inspiring the young minds by providing a healthy interaction among them to foster debates, dialogues, negotiations and come up with effective resolutions on issues pertaining to national importance with an approach that seeks to find prospective solutions.

Students of class 8 took part in the ISA activity to stimulate the parliamentary proceedings. It was a learning experience of the various processes involved that make India such a vibrant country.

Besides the comparative study of the two countries, the activity included a workshop on listening skills, debating and public speaking —a comprehensive understanding of global citizenship enhance the skills most necessary to young parliamentarians.

The students were also assessed on their speaking and listening skills based on the social, economic, political and cultural scenario of the two countries.

The students enacted the personalities of both India and Denmark from the fields of Arts, Music, Literature, Sports and Politics.

To demarcate the basic difference in the legislative functioning of both the governments, two sessions of Youth Parliament were presented by the young and enthusiastic parliamentarians depicting the Indian and Danish parliament. During the Indian Parliament session held on 16th Nov 2016, the basic working of democracy was shown wherein the ruling and opposition parties engage in debating over an array of questions ranging from current issues like demonetisation to environmental issues, women empowerment etc.

During the Danish Parliament session held on 30th Nov 2016, the MPs were more focussed on one single topic of discussion i.e the immigration policies and voting procedures. The young parliamentarians showcased great oratory skills and proved their prowess in discussing parliamentary affairs.

The curriculum integrated activity spread over the months of Oct-Nov was an enriching experience for the children and clearly indicated that despite having different boundaries and cultures the world is united by the beliefs which are the basis of its existence.

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