Visit to Aero-planet

It was a wonderful experience visiting ‘Aero-planet’. The children learnt a great deal about airplanes, starting with experiencing artificial- turbulence in an aircraft, the reason behind it and what helps us to stay safe in such situations. Children tried their hands at rappelling, climbing a rope and flying-fox, fun games to understand how physical training is given to rescuers. It was a unique experience to sit in the cargo section of an Airbus 300 and understand how the area is used and is different from the main section of the passenger-liner. A safety evacuation drill was conducted to help children know about the right thing to do in case of fire and smoke. Children were issued a boarding pass and were finally taken to the main seating area of an Airbus 300 and were introduced to concepts like cabin crew, economy and business class sections, safety equipment, documents required for domestic and international flights, black box and many other things. Amazingly, the children got an opportunity to visit the cockpit and examine the control-panel. They also got a feel of how one slides down the sliding-mat or an air-blown exit for emergency evacuation during life-threatening situations. It was a terrific example of place-based learning for children, making them active participators in the learning process.

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