Exit point — MSS International Primary Wing

Exit point marks the celebration of the learning journey and the completion of the current unit of work. It aims at showcasing various activities throwing light upon everything students have learnt throughout the unit, involving parents as well.

Class 1 Emerald demonstrated their learning of washing hands through role play activities. They also sensitized everyone about ways of saving water at home while performing daily chores

Class 2 Topaz students apprised parents with the valuable information on daily consumption of water giving the statistics details. Through Role Plays, students talked about the causes of water pollution and ways to prevent it.

Class 3 Sapphire and 4 Coral presented a remarkable skit demonstrating how water reaches our taps and what happened to waste water once it goes down the sink. The skit was appreciated by one and all. Some students explained the processes of water cycle with the help of posters made by them while others gave an eye information about places facing problem of acute shortage of water world-wide .A case study was held about the project of an organization-“Water Aid” — ‘From mountain to fountain’ narrating how a village in Madagascar got access to clean water.

Artwork and craftwork done by the students throughout the course of the unit was displayed depicting an integration of learning with respect to the unit of work-‘Water’. The visitors applauded the efforts, confidence and enthusiasm of the students and it turned out to be a great learning experience for the students.

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