Unit II – I am Alive

The exit point was a vivid display of a plethora of activities conveying learning by doing. The students of the International wing put forth a magnanimous portrayal of learning acquired during the course of the recent units of work.

Students of Milepost 1(Grade 1-2) presented details on the ‘Seven Signs of Life’ and on how each living thing displays the same. The highlight of the day was a play on how the call for the current times is to protect nature.

Students of Milepost 2(Grade 3-4) who had learnt about natural calamities and managing disaster, presented a mime depicting how powerful nature takes its revenge and how powerless man is in front of it. The students enumerated the statistics about the ever-increasing natural calamities, the relief organizations involved and how disaster preparedness is the only choice we have.
Students of Milepost 3(Grade -5) showcased how the rivers around the world are dying today and what can be done to save them. With an electrifying impact on the audience, students undertook a pledge to bear the torch as crusaders of mother-nature, pledging to restore the damage and stop the deterioration.

The exit-point truly brought alive the understanding of the learners that nature is not man’s property and has an equal right to EXIST, PERSIST, MAINTAIN and REGENERATE!

Indeed a worthy learning for life!

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