Unit II – FOOD

Exit point — MSS International Primary Wing

EXIT POINT of MSS Primary Wing was held on 16.12.17. Exit point marks the celebration of the learning journey and the completion of the current unit of work. It aims at showcasing various activities throwing light upon everything students have learnt throughout the unit and involving parents as well.

Class II Emerald was set up like a restaurant. Parents were given dummy currency to use in the restaurant which offered fireless cooking prepared by students itself. The Menu included chocolate cookies, Monaco bites with toppings, tri-coloured sandwiches and mineral water. Parent activity involved budgeting their meal within Rs.25.

Class II students took up roles of restaurant manager, waiter and waitress, attending and serving the parents. Students made sure that parents coming in as guests were comfortable and they showcased professionalism in their behaviour while attending the parents. The visitors were asked to ring the bell if they had a great time and provide their feedback.

Class II i Topaz was set up as an information and learning zone. The students were imparting knowledge about different cuisines, healthy eating, wider issues like world hunger /drought and also about the journey of food (how food reaches us. Students of classes I and II both had participated in these activities. Parents were involved in activities like checking their calorie intake and planning a meal, reading a food packet to understand the nutritional value written on it which were all a part of activities conducted in class II.

As a market research exercise, prior to the exit point students of class III and IV drafted a questionnaire and got it filled by the parents. This helped them to decide upon the aspects to setup a new restaurant with respect to a suitable location, food offers and pricing. An interesting parental activity was where parents were given various food stickers and they were supposed to design a logo along with a catchy slogan related to the food item selected. A restaurant was setup with students of classes III and IV becoming the manager, owner, etc. The USP of the restaurant included veggies and spices procured from a kitchen garden and organic farms. Another parental activity was preparing an Eat well plate, the cut-outs for which were provided to the parents. A student, who was dressed up as Chef Sanjeev Kapoor, demonstrated how a number of dishes belonging to different cultures can be prepared through a single ingredient (potato).

Students of Class IV i showcased different types of packaging involved wherein the students explained how tetra packs are made and how they work to save the food article inside, thereby extending its shelf life.

A special section of the restaurant, offered individual-specific diets and food requirements of different people across the world. For this activity celebrities and famous personalities from history were selected namely; Sir Thomas Alva Edison who was a diabetic, Mahatma Gandhi who was a pure vegetarian and Mohammad Ali, a famous sports person. Diets suited to each were suggested to the audience.

Artwork and craftwork done by the students throughout the course of the unit was displayed depicting an integration of learning with respect to the unit of work-‘Food’. The visitors applauded the efforts, confidence and enthusiasm of the students.

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