Unit I – Green fingers

Entry point : The entry point to the unit related to plants was full of fun as the children plunged into the roles of little botanists. It was a classic case of how learning extends beyond the four walls of a classroom and how the learners take charge of their own learning. Children pre-planned a bromide of their garden space and decided as a group about how their garden should look like. Thereafter they visited the school-garden, ready to germinate seeds, reusing old pet-jars and drink-bottles as their pots. In an amazing way, they weeded and tilled the soil before sowing the seeds. The sight of students using gardening tools and spacing the seeds adequately revealed their understanding of the process. At the end of the task, the students placed their pots in a self-designed obelisk, in warm sunlight, pledging to water it on a daily-basis. The entry point proved to hook the students in the perfect spree of exploration, paving the way for fantastic learning!

Exit Point : It was a wondrous sight to see the children beam with enthusiasm as they performed to present the exit point for unit ‘Green Fingers.’ As a celebration of their learning journey, children from Grade 1and 2, walked confidently on a fashion-ramp, dressed up as plant-types and as parts of plants, enumerating their characteristics at the same time. The show was a combination of enactment and singing where students of classes 3 and 4 touched upon the concepts like photosynthesis and the journey of a seed to a plant, vividly through song and music. Children brought to light their research about the plight of Indian farmers and ways to help them. Children of class 5 presented a theatrical piece on the depletion of rainforests and spoke about how it is a threat to the entire eco-system. The visitors were delighted to see the display-area which showcased the work of the students throughout the unit of work. The exit point for the unit of work related to plants was a perfect example of how students learn best by doing!

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