Unit 2: Earth our Home!

E-Exit Point:

The E-Exit point presented by the students of the International primary wing was a perfect mix of music, dance and theatre amalgamated in the most vivid manner. As students achieved learning through yet another fantastic based unit of work related to adaptations, students of classes 1 and 2 took the viewers on an exciting journey through the various types of forests, their fascinating life-forms and threats posed towards them. Students of classes 3 and 4 presented our pollinating friends and shared amazing facts of desert dwellers and those from under the sea, musically revealing their plight due to the actions of man. Students of class 5 voiced out the challenges posed by climate-change and how it is one of the biggest international problems the world faces today, sharing their concern through the climate change news bulletin and song, to encourage the audience to gear up and get their act together to save Mother Earth.

 The E-Exit point exhibited profound learning of the students and at the same time managed to sensitize the viewers to join hands and do their bit in acting as crusaders of our planet.

Learning at its best, the IPC way!

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