Exit point — MSS International Primary Wing

It was a captivating scene, as the students of the International Wing celebrated the culmination of their learning journey through the exit-point for the unit of work: ‘Super-Humans’.

Through this unit of work, the students learnt a great deal about the Human-body and it was interesting to see how they shared their learning with the visitors.

The wing was literally converted into a super-specialty hospital, where each classroom was converted into different departments: OPD, Wellness Centre, Ophthalmology & Orthopedic Ward (Centre) and a causality ward. Students were dressed-up as doctors, nurses, fitness-experts, engaged in varied role-plays and conducting physical examinations of the visitors. The visitors felt enthralled to get an eye-check up or receive first-aid.

Students, as professional doctors, checked the heart-beat, pulse and body temperature of the visitors and issued fitness-report cards. The fitness experts gave advice on healthy eating habits and suggested exciting exercise regime. The casualty ward showcased an array of role-plays like giving a CPR and maintaining a healthy digestive system.

In totality, it was a delightful and gripping experience for both the students and the visitors who participated with equal zest in celebrating the learning journey of the students. It was indeed a revelation of the philosophy underlying the IPC curriculum, as to how the learning through the unit of work transforms the participants into confident teachers themselves.

Upholding the Manav Sthalian philosophy, we hope to impart quality education to our students, equipping them to face the world tomorrow.

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