Team Achievements

Our mission is to provide a congenial & safe environment to foster our students holistically into empowered, compassionate, skilled global citizens who will take our country to greater heights. Our focus is towards well balanced development of every child: physically, intellectually, creatively, emotionally, spiritually, morally and aesthetically.

Team Achievements 2020-2021

          1. Agam Singh of III A participated in Confluence Interschool Competition Style Act Fancy Dress organised by Hillwoods Academy on 9.09.2020 & bagged III position.
            •  Agam participated in SOF International English Olympiad held on 13.12.2020 & secured International Rank- 3. He was awarded with a Bronze Medal & a Certificate of outstanding Performance along with a Gift for worth Rs. 1000/-.
            • He also participated in SOF International Science Olympiad & secured International Rank – 12. He was awarded with a Medal and a certificate for Distinction along with a Gift for worth Rs/- 500.
          2. Amayra Baweja of III A participated in Expressions of India Folk Dance Shades of India on 12.02.2021 – School fest organized by Bhatnagar International School & bagged II position.
          3. Love Arora & Chahat Arora of IVA participated in Euphoric Festivities Holi Group Dance Virtual Fest organised by Bhatnagar International School on 18.03.2021 and bagged II position.
          4. Vyom Garg of IVA participated in SOF- International English Olympiad & International Science Olympiad organised by SOF on 13.12.2020 & won Gold Medal for Excellence in both the Olympiads.
            • Vyom participated in Fantasia Interschool Fest – Advent-O space organised by Adarsh Public School from 14th- 26th August 2020 and won a Consolation prize.
            • He also participated in BricMath Competition held on 13.12.2020 and secured 74 out of 80 points.
          5. Aavyan Aggarwal of VA participated in Painting Competition organised by CBSE on the occasion of 150th Birth Anniversary of Mahatma Gandhi and bagged II position for his excellent art work.
          6. Vidhi Gupta of VA participated in Shades of India-Virtual fest – Hindi Kavita organised by Bhatnagar International School on 30.01.2021 and bagged II position for her great efforts.
          7. .Sarvasva Chatterjee of VI A participated in the MAPTECH – ATL Tinkerfest 2020-2021(online) organized by Atal Innovation Mission and won First Prize
          8. Noisha Mittal & Ridhima Bajaj of VI A participated in the INTERSCHOOL COMPETITION GAME JAM (Jr.) Online held on 16th October, 2020 organized by Ahlcon Public school under ATL Fest 2020 and bagged 2nd Position.
          9. Shresth Jasarasaria of VII-A participated in BRIC maths competition held on 19th January 2021 at International level organized by BRIC MATHS & was awarded with Certificate of Winner.
          10. In the event WEAVE AND VOICE held on 30th January, 2021 organized by Bhatnagar International School, Vasant Kunj, Vidhi Bhojak of VIIB secured 3rd position
          11. Maanas Chopra of VII A was declared as Topper in the State level Discovery Super League organized by Byju’s held on 03.2.2021
          12. Krishiv Khurana of VII C was featured in the Advertisement (playing drums) in BYJU’S Young Genius Anthem composed and sung by renowned Music Director Salim Merchant on 20th December 2020.
          13. In the Online event Colours of spring (canvas painting) held on 17th March 2021 organized by Bhatnagar International School, Vasant Kunj, Pratham Batra of Class VII E secured Third position
          14. Naamya Kapoor of VIII B participated in the Shooting Play and Progress scheme held on 21 January 2021 organized by Delhi Govt. held at National Level and was awarded with a Cash prize of Rs.2,00,000 (Two Lakhs only)
          15. In the International English Olympiad held on 10/10/2020 organized by Science Olympiad Foundation Daksh Gupta VIII-C won 2nd position & was awarded with a Gold medal and Participation Certificate
          16. In the International English Olympiad held on 10/10/2020 organized by Science Olympiad Foundation Shabd Kakkar VIII-C won 3rd position and was awarded Gold medal and participation certificate.
          17. Gaurish Ramani of VIII D participated in the Renaissance held on 24th August 2020 organized by Vivekanand Public School and won 1st Position.
          18. Kashvi Handa of class VIII E participated in the Film IT Themes held on 10 February 2021 organized by Intach Hecs. Total 148 Schools participated in the Inter school event. Kashvi won the Best Story Award.
          19. Dhwani Ahuja of Class VIII-F participated in NCO (National Creative Olympiad 2020-2021) & won 9th rank and was awarded Prize money (Rs. 1000) by National Creative Olympiad.
          20. Daksh Gupta of Class 8C participated in the Shining India Super100 Essay Writing Competition organized on 30th August 2020 organized by Armed Forces Personnel Consultancy Pvt.Ltd.
            Daksh was selected in top 115 & was awarded with a Certificate of Excellence
          21. Ritvik Verma of IX E participated in the 10 meter Air pistol open competition held on 9th & 10th October 2020 organized by Gun of Nation Academy and won third position & was awarded Bronze medal & certificate for the same.
            • Ritvik Verma of IX E participated in the 10 meter Air Pistol open competition held from 12th to 16th March 2021 organized by Vicky shooting academy & won First position. He was awarded with a Gold Medal & a Certificate
          22. Dia Bajaj (IX-B) participated in IIMUN held on 22nd November 2020 organized by IIMUN at National level & won the high commendation certificate.
          23. Dia Bajaj (IX-B) participated in the IEO on 12th December 2020 organized by SOF at National level & won 3rd position
          24. SAMARTH SINGH of class IX -D participated in the Delhi State Championship 2020 under Sub-Junior Boys held from 10th -14th January 2021 organized by Delhi State Table Tennis Association & won 1st Position.
          25. RAGHAV ARORA of Class IX – H cleared the qualifying round and is the first and only qualifier among the Top100 students of North India from our school. He is one of the Finalists in North India who got the Certificate from The Hindustan Times for successfully completing the course of “Game Development with Python” in HT Codeathon 2020.
          26. Gur Raunak Singh Bedi of X A participated in the Inter School Super League organized by Byjus held in March’2020 & won 1st Position in the same.
            • Gurraunak also participated in Inter school Philoquence 2020 organized by Guru Nanak Public school held on 19th November 2020 & won 3rd position
          27. KAASHVI ARORA of X A participated in the French word power and CRR organized by Prayatan Educational society at National level and got qualified and passed both national and state level
          28. Hiya Khandelwal of X B participated in the Brics Maths competition and was declared winner for the event
            • Hiya also participated in the Atal Tikerfest 2020 organized by MANAV STHALI SCHOOL and won 1st Rank in the event. She was awarded with a certificate for the same.
            • She participated in the National Science Olympiad in the Science Olympiad Foundation won 1st Rank & was awarded with a Gold Medal.
          29. Nimit Garg of X B participated in the Delhi State Roller Skating Championship held on 06.02.2021 organised by Delhi Skating Association & won 1st rank and was awarded with a Gold Medal.* Nimit participated in the Brics Maths competition held at International level organized in December 2020 and was declared winner for the event & was awarded certificate for the same.
          30. Tejas Dhingra of X B participated in the International English Olympiad held on 12.12.2020 organized by Science Olympiad Foundation & won 4th rank and was awarded Gold medal for the same.
          31. Gauransh Gupta of X-C participated in the India Book of Records held on 17thDecember 2020 organized by India Book of Records Committee and was awarded for doing Maximum Percentage sums done in 5 minutes i.e. 142. He won Gold Medal and Certificate Verified by India Book of Records office
            • Gauransh participated in the Mathematical Symphonies held on 11thJuly 2020 organized by Gyan Bharati School, Saket, New Delhi and won 2nd Position in the same.
            • He participated in the SOF National Science Olympiad 2020-21 held on 23rd March 2021 organized by SOF & won 2nd Position. He was awarded Gold Medal of Excellence and Participation Certificate
          32. Arham Jain of X C participated in the SOF National science Olympiad and secured International Rank 381, Regional rank 332 & Zonal Rank 196 & was awarded God Medal for Excellence & Participation Certificate
          33. Mohit Saluja, Parth Chopra & Nitish Manocha of Class X-E participated in the Atal TinkerFest (3D Vision) held on 18th November’20 organized by Manav Sthali School & won 1st Rank. They all were awarded with a Certificate.
          34. Krish Mohan Nayyar XI I participated in the International English Olympiad (IEO) held on 12th December 2020 organized by Science Olympiad Foundation (SOF) & was awarded Gold Medal of Excellence & Participation Certificate
          35. Ronit Berry of XI G participated in the Star cricket academy 2020-2021 held in November 2020 organized by 3S cricket Academy conducted in Ghaziabad at State level & was declared Man of the match & won trophy for winner team and player of the match
          36. Shaashvat Mittal of XI A participated in the Science Olympiad held on 31st January 2021 organized by Science Olympiad foundation (SOF) & won 2nd position. He was awarded Certificate for the same.
          37. Nuety Beri of XI A participated in the International English Olympiad held on 12th December 2020 organized by SOF & won Medal of distinction & cash prize of Rs 500/-
          38. Vansh Aggarwal of XI D participated in the Clever Harvey Online Innovation Summit held on 8th January, 2021 and won Finalist trophy for Holistic and Cohesive.
          39. Kuvam Sethi of XI B participated in the Memorabilia – 2020 organised by Little Flowers Group of Schools & D.R. Memorial Trust held at National & won II prize for the same.
          40. Rahul Malik of XII -B participated & won 3rd prize in the SCHOOL NATIONAL Table Tennis Tournament held from 5/01/2020 – 9/01/2020 organized by SGFI conducted in Vadodra. He was awarded with a Bronze Medal.
          41. He also participated in the Open table tennis tournament held on 6/12/2020 organized by SGTTA and won 1st position in men’s category and was awarded with a Gold medal & a trophy.
          42. Raghav Bhatia of XII-B won 3rd Position in Declamation organized by Springdales School under Delhi Schools’ Literacy project held on 5th October 2020.
          43. Armaan Sawhney of XII A participated & won 2nd position in Dynamix, Valx organized by Ramjas School on 27th October 2020. He was awarded with a Silver medal
          44. Armaan also participated in the SOF International English Olympiad held on 12th December 2020 organized by Science Olympiad Foundation and was awarded with a Gold medal & certificate of excellence.
          45. Lavanya Chopra (National Level Pistol Shooter) of class 12-G participated in the Shooting Championship inter club Youth and Junior Women (category) conducted in New Delhi (Sirifort) in January and March, 2021 .She was awarded 2 gold medals (by DCP ALOK KUMAR) and a Silver medal in the other championship, She also got her clipping in newspaper(Patna) and silver medal in the All India Interschool Shooting Championship(held in October,2019)
          46. KHUSHI KAPOOR of XII-E is an avid sportsperson with 9 medals in Delhi State 2019 Shooting Championship. She is a renowned shooter appeared for Indian team trials in 2020 in 10mtr air pistol and 25mtr sports pistol event.
            Hon’ble Deputy Chief Minister Mr Manish Sisodia presented her with a scholarship amount of INR 3 Lacs at Chhatrasal stadium on 21st January for exemplary performance since last 3 years
          47. Tisha Kohli of class XII-C participated in Stag Delhi Table Tennis State Championship-2020 -21 held from 10-01-2021 to 14-01-2021 conducted at Delhi. She secured 2nd position in Under 17 girls singles. She took over Kaashvi Gupta of Hansraj model School in semi finals by 4-3. She secured 2nd position and was awarded a silver medal and a certificate for the same.
          48. Govind Sharma XII-I participated in the Quiz competition organised by ICAR on 2nd October 2020 and secured 3rd (AIR).
          49. He also secured 3rd rank in Delhi School Literacy Project organized by Springdales School in Declamation contest held on 5th October 2020.
            • He secured 3rd rank in Inter school event PULSE 2020 organized by Bal Bharti Public School in September 2020.
            • He qualified in Google analytical an international certification held in 21 Feb 2021
          50. Tirathjot of XII-I participated in PULSE 2020 held in September 2020 organized by Bal Bharti Public School, Ganga Ram Hospital Marg & won 3rd position.
          51. VINEET DHYANI of XII-D participated in Youth Games/Delhi State Championship held from 11th January to 22nd January 2020 organized by Hockey India & won 2nd position in Junior State Championship.
          52. Kuvam Sethi of class XI won the 2nd prize in ‘Soothing Lyrics Soulful Voice’, a National Level online singing competition organised by Little flower group of schools held on 30th July 2020
          53. Ms Arpita Garg of class X showcased her remarkable contribution as a Young Ambassador during Live e-Talk hosted on World Environment Day by IHWC held on 5th May 2020.
            A Certificate of Appreciation has been awarded to Manav Sthali School and Ms. Arpita Garg by IHW Council.
          54. Vivaan Aggarwal of Class V won 1st Runner up Position in Poster Making Competition organised by 94.3 My FM held on 30th May 2020 on the theme ‘Corona Ko Harana Hai’.
            He won first position in the Ocean Themed Online Contest held by WL Magazine held from 3rd June to 6th June 2020.
            Vivaan Aggarwal of Class V won 3rd Position in online Painting Competition under Sub- Junior Category on the topic ‘Corona is a big challenge but we will overcome it” organised in the month of May 2020 by Action Committee Unaided Recognised Private Schools.
          55. Shiney Sharma participated in Online Talent Hunt “Lockdown Star of India” and won first position
          56. Rushail Harjai of Class XI participated in Anvashan 2020 organised by Gyan Bharti School held on 11.07.2020 and won Third position.
          57. Naman Tulsyan of Class XII successfuliy completed Online Non-Credit Courses authorized by Stanford University & the University of British Columbia offered through Course in Game Theory and Introduction to Graph Theory.
            Naman secured 99% in the 5 week online course on Introduction to Graph Theory Course and 98 % in the Game Theory
          58. Sheenam Wason, of class XII Psychology student participated in Summer Internship 2020@ Fortis Mental Health and Behavioural Sciences.Her work has been uploaded on the Official Instagram Page of Fortis.
          59. Vasvi Verma & Yashika of Class XI won Consolation prize in the event Expressions 2020 – Start up India contributing towards Atam Nirbhar Bharat held on 16th & 17th July 2020 organized by Mount Abu Public School.
          60. Prisha Sindhwani of Class VIII participated in the online competition ‘Mad over Art Kids’ for ‘Writing’ by Picartzo Services Pvt Ltd held on 26th June 2020 and won a ‘Winning Certificate’ and a ‘Writer’s Badge’Self-composed Poem titled “Happiness is a Direction not a Place” by Prisha Sindhwani of Class VIII has been published in a magazine named “WEDNESDAY TIMES” on 19th July 2020
          61. Avisikta Sinha of Class IX won 2nd position in online 3RD RPM Girls Olympic, UDAAN 2020 in the event- Modified Push-Ups organized by Lovely Public Sr. Sec. School, Priyadarshini Vihar, Co-Partner St. Lawrence Public Sr. Sec. School, Dilshad Garden on 7th & 8th August 2020.
          62. Sagalassis Kaur of Class VIII participated in Online- Mega Talent Show organized by The Pioneer Arts Education Society and was awarded with the Certificate of Appreciation
          63. Ridhi Makkar of Class XII (Batch 2019-20) gets admission to Bachelors of Journalism & Mass Communication, St. Xavier’s, Mumbai.
          64. Daksh Jain of Class VI won 3rd Position in online DMMITS 20- Poetechry event held from 30th July to 10th August 2020 organized by Bhartiya Vidya Bhawan’s Mehta Vidyalaya.
          65. Mehal Gandhi of VI A secured trophy in Abacus National level Olympiad & Silver medal in English National level Olympiad Annual Championship Exam held in Delhi Technological University, Rohini on 16th February 2020.
          66. Ria Gurdatta of class XII participated in ITM Institute of Design and Media and won 2nd position in online workshop on Effective Vlogs and Aesthetic Photography conducted in the month of May & June 2020 and Amazon Gift worth Rs. 500.
          67. Shabd Mahajan of Class V participated in Bollywood Music Academy (Jammu) and won Certificate of Appreciation held on29.06.2020
          68. Devanshi Sharma won certificate of Appreciation for participating in the Weekly quiz organized by IGRAASP- India’s leading news capsule for tweens held in the month of June 2020.
          69. The students participated in IMUN Online Conference held on 9th & 10th May 2020 & won following awards
            Honourable mention – Tisya Gupta- X
            Verbal Commendation – Vani Singhal – XII & Bhavika Jain- XII
          70. MSS Gauransh Gupta of Class X participated in Mathemania 2020 organised by Gyan Bharti School held on 11.07.2020 and won second position.
          71. Practice 2 Perfection ( P2P Maths Champ )
            Practice2Perfection, a unique digital learning platform, recently conducted P2P Math Champ, a three-level competition for 6th to 10th standard students. 9000 students from more than 10 countries participated. Details for the maths competition (2020) are given below:-
            Details of students Rewards
          S.NO Student Name Rank Standard 7 Wallet Cash Certificate of Excellence 7 days Free Trail of P2P Up to 70% discounts
          1 Vasuj Gupta 13 Standard 7 1000 Yes Yes Yes
          2 Radha Malhorta 25 Standard 10 750 Yes Yes Yes
          3 Nimit Garg 35 Standard 10 750 Yes Yes Yes
          4 Saksham Khandelwal 35 Standard 8 750 Yes Yes Yes
          5 Shruti Jain 41 Standard 8 750 Yes Yes Yes
          6 Saiaansh Salaria 45 Standard 8 750 Yes Yes Yes
            72. Ritvik Verma won Gold medal in 2nd GDR open Shooting Championship organised from 2nd October to 5th October 2019.

    Team Achievements 2019-2020

            1. Sia Kholsa of class X won the Second Prize at District level Light Music Competition organized by Directorate of Education. She will further compete at State Level Competition .We wish her all the very best.
            2. North Zone Cultural Centre (Ministry of Culture, Govt of India) collaborated with Sangeet Milon and organized Classical Voice of India,braja-Duni Memorial Classical Music Competition held on 3rd Aug 2019 at Sangeet Natak Academy.Talented & versatile singer of Manav Sthali School Kuvam Sethi of class X won third prize.
            3. Geet Tulsyan of class V A participated in the audition held at the North Zone Cultural Centre, New Delhi, organized by the Ministry of Cultural Affairs ,Govt of India in association with Sangeet Milonon 3rd .She participated in the Kathak Classical Dance under Junior category and was the youngest participant in the event organized. She won a Consolation Prize along with Certificate of Merit and a medal. The jury was highly overwhelmed by her enthralling performance and told her that she might be called to perform at the Grand Finale to be organized in Lucknow.
            4. The Interschool Competition, Spectrum was held at Cambridge International DAV Pushpanjali School on 3rd August 2019 where there were different competitions for classes I-VIII. Students of Class I namely Mst. Avyukta Nischal and Mst. SuryanshLuthra secured the third position under the category One Minute Challengewhere there were four one minute challenges given to them. Students from class III namely Mst. VyomGarg and Mst. SaranshGoel secured the second position under the category Comic Strip Story Board where they had to make comic stories on the spot. The children have excelled in their respective fields and made Manav Sthali School proud.
            5. Vanshaj Arora & Varun Sahni of class XII A won the third prize in the Chemistry Quiz “Chemistry Marathon’’ organised by Bal Bharti School, Sir Ganga Ram Marg held on 08.05.2019 .The quiz was based on the Periodic Table & its properties.
            6. The students of Manav Sthali School participated in ”EXPRESSIONS 2019” held at Army Public School, Shankar Vihar, New Delhi. A team of 7 students headed by Ms.Pooja Mendiratta secured the first position in ”MADNESS MEET CREATIVITY”, an Avertisement Competition. A three minute humorous yet thought provoking advertisement titled ”BAK BAK BISCUITS” was awarded for its storyline, props and presentation. The team members were: – Sukhman Singh XII-D, Taranpreet Kaur XII-D, Divya Khilnani XII-D, Tushar Dua XII-C , Ramit Pruthi XII-H, Navisha Magan XII -G and Eesh Chadha XII-G.
            7. Manav Sthali Dancing Diva Shiney Sharma of Class V has been selected for Zee TV Mega Audition@India’s Talent Fight on 1st September 2019. We wish her All the Best for the same.
            8. Gurnoor Kaur, student of Manav Sthali School R-block, Rajinder Nagar participated in the world wide essay competition organized by LCSC (Landmark Community Sports Club), Australia. The theme of this competition was ’’Save Environment for a Safe Future’’. She brought laurels to her school by winning the competition along with a scholarship worth $100 per month for a year. Keep it up!
            9. Appreciations & Cash Rewards received from Directorate Of Education & Sports NCT of Delhi, Zone 28, District Central , Delhi – Manav Sthali Table Tennis Stars Tisha Kohli, Sahil Singh & Shlok Goel were award-ed with a Cash Prize of Rs.2,00,000/- each under Play & Progress Scheme. Manav Sthali Table Tennis Junior Girls Team comprising of Tisha Kohli, Muskan Puri, Sanya Bhatia & Gunjan Verma. Junior Boys Team comprising of Sahil Singh, Raghav Swain, Hardik Chaddha & Pranav Atree and the Sub- Junior Boys Team comprising of Sammarth Singh, Yuvraj Singh, Mayank Gupta & Sid Sethi were awarded with a Cash Prize of Rs. 22,500/-. Manav Sthali Skating Champion Parv Kwatra of Class V was awarded with a Cash Prize of Rs. 3000/-. Manav Sthali Football Champion Aman Singh, Dev Dhuan & Parth Gupta were awarded with a Cash Prize of Rs.1500/- each.
            10. Aaditabh Gupta of class VII A participated in the 10th Delhi State Sqay Martial Art Championship organised by SQAY Association of Delhi recognised by Ministry of Youth Affairs & Sports) Govt.of India and won the second position in the event Loba under U-14/B,-33 KG. He also won the third position at event Khwankey U-14/B category held at R.D.International School on 4th August 2019. He also participated in the 7th Delhi State Tang Soo Do Championship 2019 organised by Tang Soo Do Sports Championship, Delhi and won the third posi-tion in Sparring (Green, U-14 /Boys) & Forms (U-14 Boys) category held at R.D.International School on 4th August 2019.
            11. Krishiv Dureja of class VII B won Gold in the Taekwondo International Champi-onship 2019 under 61 kg Cadet Male Fresher held at Talkatora Indoor Stadium, New Delhi from 23rd -25th August 2019 and made his country, school& parents proud.
            12. Manav Sthali Shooting Star Khushi Kapoor bags the Gold and wins the Title “Champion of Champions”. Khushi Kapoor of Class XI participated in ’Prithviraj Memorial Shooting Championship, Jaipur held on 28th April 2019 & won the Gold in 10 mtr Air pistol in Senior & Youth category. She was also awarded with a Cash Prize of Rs. 7100/-
            13. Namya Kapoor of VII also made us proud by winning Silver Medal in the 10 meter Air Pistol Sub Junior Shooting category in the ’Prithviraj Memorial Shooting Championship’’, Jaipur held on 28th April 2019.
            14. Ritvik Verma of class VII won the Gold in the Sub Junior Team and Silver in the Dr Karni Singh Shooting Championship held at Jaipur from 17th -21st July 2019
            15. Ridhi Verma of class V won 02 Gold in the 10 meter Air Pistol U-12 Women Category at the Ist Smt Pushpa Rani Gupta Memorial Open 20-20 Shooting Championship held at Rohini, New Delhi. Ridhi Verma also won the Bronze Medal in the Ist Netaji Subhash Chandra Bose Memorial Shooting Championship held at Dwarka under 10 meter Air Pistol U-12 Women Category . She again won the Bronze Medal in the Gun of Nation Shooting Championship held at RK Puram in the 10 mtr Air Pistol U-12 category.
            16. Parth Makhija who cleared class XII this year (2018-2019) batch won a Silver Medal in the 10 Mtr Air Rifle Junior Men Category in the ISSF Junior World Cup held at Germany.
            17. 2nd Purnatva Open Shooting Championship -2019 organised by Purnatva Academy of Sports Shooting affiliated with Uttaranchal State Rifle Association was held from 9th -10th August 2019. Namya Kapoor scored 262 and won the Second position and Khushi Kapoor scored 367 and also won the Second position.
            18. Namya Kapoor won the Gold Medal in the 10 meter Air Pistol Women Senior & Sub Junior Category with a score of 377/400 in the 3rd Mahaveer’s Top Shot Shooting Championship organised at RSSC OASES Jagatpura Shooting Range,Jaipur from 9th to 12th August 2019. She again won a Gold Medal in the 23rd Delhi State Inter School Skating Championship under 10 meter Air Pistol Sub Junior Women held at Dr Karni Singh Shooting Range, Tughlakabad. She also won a Silver Medal under 25 meter Pistol Women in the same competition.
            19. Khushi Kapoor won a Gold Medal in the 35th Delhi State Shooting Championship held at Dr Karni Singh Shooting Range, Tughlakabad under 10 meter Air Pistol Junior Women. She again won a Gold in the same competition under 25 meter Pistol Women.
            20. Ritvik Verma won a Bronze Medal in the 35th Delhi State Shooting Championship held at Dr Karni Singh Shooting Range, Tughlakabad under 10 meter Air Pistol Youth Men Team.
            21. CBSE Inter School Sports & Games Competition 2019, Central Zone Championship was organised at Prudence School, Dwarka, Sector 22 from 13.09.2019 to 16.09.2019.Results of our shooting champs are: Nimit Garg, Class X won the First position in the event Air Rifle team under 17 years Boys, Samavedam Nihal, Class X won the First position in the event Air Rifle team under 17 years Boys, Ashchay Gupta Class IX won the First position in the event Air Rifle team under 17 years Boys, Namya Kapoor won the Individual Gold in under 14 women, in the Air Pistol category
            22. Namya Kapoor won a Gold Medal in the Delhi State Inter School Shooting Champi-onship held at Dr Karni Singh Shooting Range, Tughlakabad from 19.08.2019 to 20.09.2019 in 10 meter Air Pistol (NR)Sub Junior Women Category.
            23. Manav Sthali School Table Tennis Team won 02 Gold, 01 Silver and01 Bronze in New Era Inter School table tennis tournament held from 31st July to 3rd August 2019. Sub Junior Boys: Team comprising of Samarth Singh, Yuvraj Singh, Mayank Singh, Mayank Gupta & Manas Gupta took over Indraprastha World School by 3-1 and won the Gold Medal. Junior Girls: Team comprised of Tisha Kohli, Ridhi Bajaj, Muskan Puri & Arshnoor Kaur. In the finals, team took over Bal Bharti Public School, Pitampura by 3-0 and won the Gold Medal. Junior Boys: Team comprised of Rahul Malik, Sahil Singh, Hardik Chaddha & Raghav Swain. In Semi Finals, team took over Bal Bharti School, Pitampura by 3-2 and won a Silver Medal.
            24. Our yoga champs participated in the Zonal Yoga Competition held at Sarvodya Kanya Vidyalaya on 29th &30th August 2019 and won the following positions. Aditya Kasotiya of class VIII won the First position in the Zonal Rhythmic Yoga, Tarang Ahuja of class IX won the First position in the Zonal Rhythmic Yoga, Suhangi Dass of class IX won the Third position in the Individual Yoga Competiton, Drishti Kundra of class IX won the Third postion in the Zonal Rhythmic Yoga, Chahat Singhal of class IX won the Third postion in the Zonal Rhythmic Yoga
            25. Kashvi Arora of class IX A and Kashish Bhatia of XII D of Manav Sthali School participated in the CBSE Central Zone Lawn Tennis Championship held at M.M.Public School,Pitampura, New Delhi from 11th Oct to 15th Oct 2019 in Under 19 age group. Both our talented players secured First position by taking over MM Public School in the Semi Finals and Modern School, Barakhamba Road in the finals. They both have now been selected for CBSE Nationals to be held from 9th-13th Nov 2019, at Delhi Public School, Yamuna Nagar. Kashish Bhatia also got the “Best Player Award ‘in the tournament.

Team Achievements 2018-2019

          1. Young & enthusiastic skaters of Manav Sthali School displayed exemplary talent in the BR. Memorial Roller Skating Championship held on 13th December 2018 at Adarsh Public School, Vikaspuri. Saraansh Goyal of Class II won two gold medals, Parv Kwatra of class IV won two gold medals, Sanrach Goyal of class VI won tow medals, Ark Bhardwaj of class VIII won two gold medals, Amrit Sethi  of class VIII won one silver medal, Dhruv Gupta of class VIII won one silver medal, Vaibhav Gandhi of class X won one Bronze Medal.
          2. Beginners Shooting tournament organised by Indian Revenue Officers Shooting Club (Affiliated to National Rifle Association of India) organized Beginners Shooting Tournament) on 29th December 2018 at the Siri Fort Shooting Range, New Delhi. Young & budding shooters of Manav Sthali School who won the tournament are as under: Arman Chaudhary of class IV won a Silver Medal under 12 years category in Air Rifle event. (Beginners Tournament), Ritvik Verma won a Silver Medal in 12+ to 18 years category in Air Rifle event. (Beginners), Samavedam Nihal won a Bronze Medal in 12+ to 18 years category in Air Rifle event. (Beginners), Mridul Chopra won a Bronze Medal in the 12+ to 18 years category in Air Rifle event. (Beginners)All the winners were awarded Certificates and Medals at the Prize distribution Ceremony.
          3. Mst. Nimit Garg (Class VIII – B) won the Gold Medal in Roller Hockey at the 45th Delhi State Roller Sports Championship held in November 2018 under Junior Boys category.
          4. Manav Sthalian Table Tennis Team proved their mettle once again in the CBSE TABLE TENNIS NATIONALS by winning 2 Gold & 1 Silver Medal held at KAUSHALYA WORLD SCHOOL (GREATER NOIDA) FROM 20TH TO 24TH NOVEMBER 2018. Senior Boys— Team won Silver Medal in the Team Championship. Team comprised of Rahul Malik, Hardik Chaddha, Sahil Singh and Ikshit Madan. Team took over —PSBB (Chennai by 3-1). Individual category —Tisha Kohli won Gold Medal in JUNIOR GIRLS by taking over Vanshika Bhargava of Bhatnagar International School (Vasant Kunj) by 3—2. Doubles Category —Muskan Puri won Gold Medal by pairing Gujrat player & taking over Shabdita Jha of N.K Bagrodia by 2 —1.
          5. Manav Sthalians bagged Gold trophy again this year at STEAM 2K18; the regional event of the International competition Creativity Decathlon, that aims at boosting imagination and creativity among students.Competitive ground where our students showcased their creativity and talent by winning a Gold Trophy in division I (Class VII) by Dia Bajaj, Yuvraj Singh, Lakshayata Singh and Akshita Jain.Bronze medals in division II (class IX) by Prerak Mehra, Ishaant Vinaik, Ishika Gupta, Navya Kabra. Dia Bajaj of class VII won the “Best Creative Child” trophy for her stupendous performance.The teams were led by coaches Ms. Nidhi Abrol, Ms Jyoti Kanwal, Ms Mansi Manchanda and Ms Shweta Chawla. The teams now will prepare to participate at International level.
          6. Students of International Primary Wing (IPC) participated in the Inter school Competition “Primus Spectrum” held at DAV Pushpanjali, for Classes I-V. Lakshya Singh and Tejas Chopra of Class II won the trophy and got the 1st position in Word Whiz (English Grammar and Vocabulary Quiz).
          7. 20 students participated in Salwan MUN held on 24th and 25th August 2018 with the main agenda of “Breaking the Stereotype”. The student delegates were engaged in lively debates looking for solutions to the complex scenario & issues of contemporary international policies. The participating students from Class XI in the two day conference were: Ishika Patla, Snehal Gupta, Soumya Singh (United Nations General Assembly) ; Aakanshi Bansal, Adiya Goel, Jasmine Makkar, Pratham Bhutani (United Nations Human Rights Commission) ; Bhavya Gupta, Harshit Singal, Manya Kapila, Navisha Magan, Raunaq Singh, Ria Sethi, Taranpreet Arora, Unagrah Gupta (All India Peoples Political Meet) ; Akansha Manocha, Ashwin Khandelwal, Kartikey Duseja, Khushi Narula, Krish Bhalla (Lok Sabha). Manav Sthali School won the “BEST SCHOOL DELEGATION AWARD” while Harshit Singal won the Special mention. A letter of appreciation was also awarded to the school.
          8. Student delegates particiapted in the Coadunate MUN on 4th-5th August 2018 held at Abhinav Global School, Dwarka with the tagline “Time to act, Time to change”. Students explored global concerns and learned through sharing and research. The participants were Harshit Singhal, Taarush Bajaj, Siddhant Gambir, Anika Bansal, Sudarsh Kansal of Class XI and Shashwat Duggal & Vaibhav Sarna from Class XII. Our student delegate Sudarsh Kansal of Class XII E won the Special Mention. The teacher incharges were Mrs. Anjali Bhutani and Mrs. Ashu Dhingra.
          9. Manav Sthali School was awarded 2nd position for making 4033 learners in the year 2018 and received THE HENRY SELZ FOUNDATTON TROPHY. The school is also awarded M.L.KAPOOR Trophy for making maximum number of literate by the student Shaswat Duggal of XII.Shashwat Duggal of XII was awarded with trophy and “Certificate of Commendation” for making maximum number of 231 learners literate .He also received Rs 1000 (Siri Ram Jolly Memorial Scholarship)    Muskaan Midha of class XI was awarded “Certificate of Commendation “for making 100 learners literate and also received Raj Mohan Kapur Scholarship of Rs 1000/-.Ramya Kapoor of IX  was also awarded with Certificate of Commendation for making 100 learners literate and received The Baldev & Kamla Bhatia Memorial Scholarship for Rs 1000/-
            Ajay Bose of XII also received Certificate of Commendation for exemplary work in the community and also received Siri Ram Jolly Memorial Scholarship of Rs 1000/-
            Learner Neearj received the Henry Self Memorial Foundation scholarship of Rs 500/-(Ist instalment ) .Sonu received The Saraswati Prakash & Satyawati Wattal Scholarship of Rs 500/- (Ist instalment )
            Teacher incharge Ms Pooja Khurana and Ms Jyoti Kanwal were awarded with Certificate of Commendation in the field of Literacy.              
          10. After winning at Regionals Manav Sthali OOTM team- Malhaar Sahani (IX), Shivi Ghakher (IX), Charvi Khandelwal (IX), Kabir Teria (IX), Chaitanya Arora (IX), Srishti Jain (IX), Pranav Nanda (VIII) along with coaches Ms. Sheetal Barapatre, Ms. Nikita Suri travelled to Europe to represent India at “Odyssey of the Mind- Eurofest 2018” held at EJB, Werbellinsee, Berlin, Germany from 27th April to 2nd May 2018 and thereafter on a short cultural tour to Berlin and Munich.
          11. Ayush Meena has been awarded with a plaque for a stellar performance in International Chemistry Quiz ANCQ-2017. Krishang Virmani, Parth Manchanda and Aryan Singhania were awarded with Medals. 
          12. Sia Sanvee Chauhan and Demetrae Gugdodia of Class IV participated in Tech Design; a cyber competition held in Holy child school on 24.4.2018 and bagged First position.
          13. Manav Sthali congratulates its Dancing Diva’s Shiney Sharma & Geet Tulsyan of Class IV for successfully qualifying Prathama level of Kathak from Bhatkhande Sangit Vidyapeeth in First Division.
          14. The students of Manav Sthali School along with students from various prominent schools of Delhi participated on the occasion of Torch Relay Event of Asian Games 2018 held on 15.07.2018 at Major Dhyan Chand Staduim, New Delhi. The 18th Asian Games were held from 18th August to 2nd September 2018 at Jakarta, Indonesia.
          15. Manav Sthali School participated in 1st PC Gupta Memorial Open Shooting Championship held at VSPK International School, Rohini, held from 25th June 2018 to 28th June 2018. The following students excelled and brought laurels in different categories:
            RIDDHI VERMA of class IV Won Gold Medal in Little Champ Beginner Category (20 shots seating position girls). She has won gold medal by scoring 168/200
            KHUSHI KAPOOR of class X Won Gold medal in South Delhi District Shooting Championship Gold Medal in Senior Category & Silver Medal in Junior Category
            RITVIK VERMA of class VII Won 2 gold medal in under 12 category (40 shots), Team Gold under 12 category & won 2 silver medal along with little champ trophy under 17 youth category & Under 12 Beginners. He won  3- Gold,  2- Silver, 1 —Little Champ Trophy.
            Our students also received laurels in the following categories:
            Little Champ Category (40 shots) —Under 12 (Boys) —Won Gold Medal and Trophy for 1st position by scoring 358/400.
            Little Champ Beginner Category (20 shots) —Won silver medal by scoring 175/200
            Youth Category —Under 17 (boys) – Won a Silver Medal on individual score 358/400.
            Youth Team Category —Team comprised of 3 team members —Team won Gold medal
            Team under 12 Event —Team comprised of 3 boys of the same age group —Team won Gold medal

Team Achievements 2017-2018

          1. Manav Sthali School, R-Block, New Rajendra Nagar, participated in Birla Model United Nations, Pushp Vihar from 4th to 6th August 2017 with a team of 13 members including Head delegate Anika Bansal & Student Incharges: Namo Jain & Ish Raj Prashar along with Agrim Girotra, Harshit Singhal, Sarah Jhamb, Yuvraj Kakkar, Abhay Malhotra, Krish Bhalla, Chirag Madan, Aditya Goel, Unagrah Gupta, Vanshaj Arora, Shauryae Bhatnagar and Siddhant Gambhir.
            In Delhi Public School, Indirapuram MUN 2017 held on 28th and 29th October 2017, the following student delegates participated: Sudarsh Kansal, Shashwat Duggal, Pranshu Agarwal, Paarug Sethi, Aditya Kumar, Siddharth Chatrath, Priya Bajaj, Satyam Goel, Vidhi Gupta, Snigdha Gupta, Agrim Girotra and Namo Jain as the head delegate.
            In Columban MUN 2017, Ashoka Place, held from 3rd to 5th November 2017,the following delegates participated:- Ashdhir Jain, Bhavya Gupta, Harshit Singhal, Mohit Meena, Aditya Goel, Akankshi Bansal, Jasmine Makkar, Ishika Palta, Shubh Khatri along with Vishnav Chabra as the head delegate.
            ASHDHIR JAIN and HARSHIT SINGHAL won SPECIAL MENTIONS in UEFA and UNFCCC respectively. VISHNAV CHABRA won a HIGH COMMENDATION award in UEFA Committee. Vishnav, Ashdhir and Mohit were elite coaches (CARLO ANCELOTTI, ERNESTO VALVARDE and ARSENE WENGER) respectively while HARSHIT was the delegate of Cuba. Mohit Meena was awarded a scholarship from Huron University, Canada as he won the “BEST FIRST TIMER” in UFPA committee.
            These teams made the school proud by their extra ordinary performance as these events brought a new spark in the students, a spark to learn, a spark to make the world a better place which will surely make our Manav MUNers great leaders in the future.
          2. Manav Sthali Table Tennis Team won the medal for school at CBSE National Table Tennis Championship at Dr. K.N. Modi Global School. Competition was amongst 211 schools from across India and Gulf Countries. Manav Sthali School under 19 Boys’ team comprised of Shubh Goel, Angad Singh, Paras Saini and Ikshit Madan. The team bagged the Gold Medal. Another Gold medal was won by Angad Singh in Mixed Doubles.
          3. Manav Sthali Multimedia & Web Technology students Laavanya Sayal & Vanshika Jain of Class XI won the 2nd Prize in the Annual IT Symposium 2017 – Cinematic Zeal held at Mount Abu Public School on 24.11.2017.
          4. Manav Sthali Creative minds outshine globally – Malhaar Sahani of Class VIII won the first prize & Naman Tulsiyan of Class IX won the second prize in Creativity Decathlon – an International Mind Solving Competition held at Ajou University, South Korea from 11th to 17th August 2017.
          5. Manav Sthali Skating Champions Parv Kwatra and Sanrach Goyal once again made the school proud by winning Gold at CBSE National Level Skating Championship. Parv Kwatra won the Gold in 500 mtrs and Silver in 1000 mtrs. Sanrach Goyal won the Gold in 500 mtrs and Bronze in 1000 mtrs.
          6. Manav Sthali is proud of Parv Kwatra and Sanrach Goyal who won the CBSE Central zone skating championship 2017 and got selected for Nationals. Parv Kwatra won the Gold in 500 mtrs and Silver in 1000 mtrs under Category 8. Sanrach Goyal won the Silver in 500 mtrs and Gold in 1000m under Category 10. Vansh Kwatra won a Bronze in 300m under category 14.
          7. Manav Sthali Skaters Parv Kwatra and Sanrach Goyal once again made the school proud by winning Gold during Delhi State Roller Sports Championship. Parv Kwatra won a Gold in 1000 & 500 mtrs. Sanrach Goyal won the Gold in 1000mts & Silver in 500 mtrs.
          8. Manav Sthali Hockey champ Mansimar Singh of Class VI was  selected for 10th Pacific School Games in Adelaide, Australia under 16 category from 3rd December to 9th December 2017. He represented his country and school and made us proud.

Team Achievements 2016-2017

          1. Manav Sthali Table Tennis Team participated in the Inter School Table Tennis Tournament in four events and won Gold Medal in all Events. The tournament was organized from 10th to 12th May 2016 at Mount Abu School, Rohini. Tisha Kohli & Pratham Uppal also received Rs.5000/- cash for ‘Best player of the Tournament’.Sub Junior Boys —Team comprised of Pratham Uppal, Hardik Chaddha, Mev Rajpal, Tanish Jain & Shlok Goel. Team won Gold Medal. In finals team took over Sachdeva School, Rohini by 3-2.Sub Junior Girls —Team comprised of Muskan Puri, Tisha Kohli, Arshnoor Kaur, Ruhani Narang and Suhani Jain. Team won Gold Medal. In finals team took over Sachdeva School, Rohini by 3-0.Junior Girls —Team comprised of Ridhi Sethi, Namisha Batra, Srishti Gupta, Jia Kataria & Riddhi Bajaj. Team won Gold Medal. In finals team took over Sachdeva School, Rohini by 3 —1.Junior Boys —Team comprised of Angad Singh, Shubh Goel, Paras Saini, Ikshit Madan and Rishab Bhatia. Team won Gold Medal. In finals team took over Sachdeva School, Rohini by 3 —2.The school team won 04 God Medals.
          2. The school is proud to share that 10 students of Manav Sthali School table tennis team were awarded scholarships and cash prize worth Rs.1,71,000/- for “Outstanding Sportsperson of Delhi” under State Sports Awards at an Award presentation ceremony held on 04.05.2016 at Thyagraj Stadium, New Delhi.The students were given awards by chief guest on the occasion Shri Manish Sisodia ji, Hon’ble Deputy Chief Minister and Minister of education, Govt. of NCT of Delhi .The table tennis players of our school were really happy as they received the prestigious awards & scholarships.
            1 PEEYUSH PRASAD 24000/-
            2 JAI MEHLAWAT 20000/-
            3 SHELLY KHANDELWAL 14000/-
            4 SRISHTI GUPTA 24000/-
            5 TISHA KOHLI 20000/-
            6 MUSKAAN PURI 5000/-
            7 ANAGD SINGH 20000/-
            8 NAMISHA BATRA 10000/-
            9 SHUBH GOEL 14000/-
            10 CHIRAG KAPOOR 20000/-
              TOTAL 171000/-


          3. Manav Sthali Table Tennis Team excels in CBSE Table Tennis Nationals amongst various states from India and Gulf countries. They participated in the event held at Baroda from 24th to 28th November 2016. Manav Sthali Team claimed 2 Gold, 2 Silver and 1 Bronze medal.
            Sub Jr. Girls Team comprised of Tisha Kholi, Muskaan Puri and Vyushti Gupta took over SBOA School and Junior college (Chennai) by 3-2 and won Gold Medal. Muskaan Puri also won Gold Medal in Mixed Doubles.Sr. girls team comprising of Shrishti Gupta, Ridhi Bajaj, Ridhi Sethi and Namisha Batra claimed silver medal. In semifinals the team took over Devamatha CMI public school (Assam) by 3-1.Junior Boys Team comprised of Angad Singh, Shubh Goel, Paras Saini and Raghav Swain took over DPS Indrapuram(UP) by 3-1 and won a bronze medal .Shubh Goel also claimed silver medal in mixed doubles. Technical Chairman of Table Tennis Federation of India gave away the prizes.Manav Sthali Table Tennis Star, Shubh Goel bagged Delhi State Champion title….Shubh Goel of class XI won Delhi State Championship in Junior Boys (Under 18) category held at Thyagraj Stadium from 1st to 4th November 2016. We wish him all the best for his future endeavors.
          4. Students from classes VI & VII participated in the Yoga Competition organized by Directorate of Education held on 27th October 2016 and won third prize in the Sub Junior under 14 (Group) category.Team comprised of Amisha Sharma, Hansika Shersia, Twinkle Badiwal, Harshita Kaushik, Elakkiya Senthil Kumar, Aavni Rohila, Ruhani Narang, Khushi Chauhan, Kashish Bhambhani, Paridhi Suri, Vridhi Duggal, Jia Chawla, Meetangi Juneja, Trisha Gupta, Masira Noor, Simmi Aggarwal, Divya Grover, Asmita Sharma, Sonali Kumar, Agrita Anand performed 12 asanas and their flexibility and determination made them win third prize.
          5. Aspiring Skaters of Manav Sthali participated in the 13th B.R. Memorial Roller Skating Championship 2016 held on 21st and 22nd October 2016 and made their mark in the following categories:Individual Categories: 1) Vansh Kwatra won Gold Medal in 300m and 600m
            2) Parv Kwatra won Gold Medal in 600m and Silver Medal in 300m
            3) Sub -Junior Team won Gold MedalTeam Members(VII): Karman Singh, Akshit Dembla, Sujal Jain, Ashmit Julka, Harshit Malhotra, Vansh Kwatra, Nimit, Swayam Tandon, Samarth PruthiJunior Team won Bronze Medal
            Team Members(VIII): Atishay Soni, Atharva Bhanu Srivastava, Hetegh Singh Chandok, Sahil Behl, Esh Sawhney, Samarjit Mohindru, Kapil Rajpal
          6. Manav Sthali Skating Champs Won Gold, Silver & Bronze medals in the CBSE Central Zone held from 15th to 17th October 2016.Sahil Saini (Under 19) —Won 1st Position in the 500 Mts and 2nd Position in 300 mts (Speed In Line). Sahil has also been selected for CBSE Nationals. Vansh Kwatra (Under 14) —Won 3rd Position in Quad -500 Mts.
            Parv Kwatra (under 8) —Won 3rd Position in Quad – 500 MtsManav Sthali Hockey Team won the Gold Trophy.
          7. Manav Sthali Hockey team participated and won 1st Position in 5th Late Daulat Ram Verma Memorial Invitational Inter School Hockey Tournament held between 7th to 13th December 2016 under 14 years Junior Boys Category.
            The team comprised of Vineet Dhyani, Mohit, Ronit Dogra, Vasu Chitkara, Lakshya Walia, Prince, Eklavya, Bharat Khatri, Russel Harjai, Japnit Singh Lamba, Mansimar Singh Lamba, Krish Midha, Kavya Midha, Lavansh Sehgal, Gopi Nathan.Mohit was also awarded with the title ‘Best Player’ of the Tournament.
          8. Geetanshu Handa of Class X was awarded Certificate of Commendation by Delhi Schools’ Literacy Project for the year 2015-2016 for making 101 learners literate. He is also awarded a scholarship of Rs 1000/-.The learner of Master Arnav Mehra XII-B (Karan Kumar-learner) & learner of Radhika Batra XI (Puja-learner) were awarded The Premvati Puri Memorial Scholarship for learners along with cash prize of Rs. 500/- each.

Team Achievements 2015-2016

          1. Kashish Dhingra and Anshita Bhardwaj of class X participated in the “Battle of Words,” a debate competition held at Bal Bharti Public School, Pitampura and won the second position. Their act was a multidimensional conversation between two famous personalities. The presentation was a blend of English & Hindi and a total of 18 teams participated in the competition.
          2. 1st prize bagged by Arpit Saxena and Mohit Kumar of class X in BDMC 2015 – 3D Dynamism held at Cambridge Foundation School. They created a 3D movie trailer in Macromedia Flash on “Super Heroes” ; the on the spot topic. They portrayed a villain character who enters into the Virtual World to destruct everything and then the Super Hero comes for the rescue.
          3. Yet another 1st prize was won by Manav Sthali School students with their “Nukkad Natak” based on a Social Theme- “Clean and Green World” held at Bal Bharati School, Ganga Ram. The play titled “Gandagi ki Bandagi” was a satire on Cleanliness. A humorous yet a thought provoking 6 min long play was awarded the Ist prize for its story, presentation and execution. The team of 8 students from class VIII, who performed were Sanya Mahajan, Rivanshi Ahuja, Suhani Chawla, Gaurika Verma, Akanshi, Raghav Sharma, Sukhman Singh and Kartikey Anand.
          4. 1st prize was bagged by Garvit Khurana and Parth Gupta of Class XII with their magical foam snake in “PULSE 2015 – Breaking the Magician’s Code” held at Bal Bharati School, Ganga Ram. The students performed a magic trick based on the principle(s) of chemistry and explained the principle(s) involved.
          5. Manav Sthali bagged the 1st prize in a French song competition @ Alliance Francaise on 21st March’15. The team sang “Libérée, Délivrée by Anaïs Delva” (English Version of “Let it go” from the movie, ‘Frozen’)The following students participated and made the school and parents proud:
            Khushi Saraf VI Mehak Gupta VI
            Karishma Manocha VI Khushi Kapoor VI
            Vanshika Khurana VI Smridhi Suri VI
            Harshita Arora VIII Vanshika Luthra VIII
            Ananya Bandyopadhyaya VIII Mishika Verma VIII
          6. Ishita Narang & Sumeet Oberoi of class XI won 3rd position at the Inter School Declamation & Power Point presentation held at Springdales School Pusa Road during Literacy week 2015. They were given the topic: Literacy can deliver real and lasting change in the life of the poor. They raised issues and challenges about how even after so much of initiative our schools in the rural areas go without students in the classrooms. They also laid emphasis on broadening our minds and accept the new changes as Education leads to opportunities.
          7. Arpit Saxena and Mohit Kumar , of Class X bagged 3rd position in Animazione held at Navy Children School. They had to make an advertisement to attract people to buy their product ‘Oculus Rift’, that will make them feel being a part of the virtual world.

Team Achievements 2014-2015

          1. Derek’s Yippee Challenge and Faster Smarter Better Challenge

Quiz Master from Derek O’Brien Associates conducted the Yippee Challenge for classes 5 to 7 and the Faster Smarter Better Challenge for classes 8 to 10 on 18 th and 19 th November, 2014 respectively. The top scoring teams in the Intra- School event got a chance to be a part of the Inter-School competition held at Frank Anthony Public School. Out of 80 plus teams, 6 teams in each category battled it out for the City Finals stage round.

Anuj Pahuja, Keshav bansal and Shashwat Mittal won the 4 th position in the Yippee Challenge and Vasu Goel, Arpit Saxena and Dhruv Mahajan won the 6 th position in the Faster Smarter Better Challenge. This challenge was the perfect way to test students’ logical, analytical skills, thinking skills, general awareness, public speaking and memorization power.

          1. Inter school French competition:

Students went to Ambience Public School, Vasant Kunj, Safdurjung Enclave on 7th Aug 2014 to take part in the various events of the inter school French competition. The events included French quiz, song enactment, and traditional dance form of France (ballet). Out of the three events, students of Manav Sthali won awards in two. Apart from that, they also won the second prize in the entire south and central zone.

Students got 2nd position in song enactment, 3rd position in Traditional dance form of France (Ballet) and 2nd position in the entire South and Central zone. Following students took part in song enactment: Sanya Mahajan (VII); Muskaan Gupta (VII); Khushi Bedi (VII); Sanya Gupta (VII); Deepanshi Seth(VII); Manya Upreti (VII); Priya Bajaj(VIII); Rhythm Aggarwal (VIII); Sagrika Mazumdar (VIII); Kalash Malhotra (VIII) and following students were part of the ballet group: Ria Nagpal (V); Khushi Saraf (VI); Tanisha Saigal (VI); Aakansha Chadha (VI); Anuska Sharma (VI); Trisha Talwar (VI); Kriti Singh (VI); Jasmine Makkar (VII); Mahika Anand (VII); Mahika Sachdeva (VII). Their hard work not only got them the awards, but also made them confident.

          1. Inter school Junior GK quiz competition:

Saumya of VIII-F and Keshav of VII-E participated in an Inter school Junior GK quiz competition organized by New Era Public School on 08th August 2014. Students won the second prize in the competition.

          1. Times of India (NIE) Student Reporters Meet:

The event was organized to provide the student reporters of the school a chance to meet the Resident Editor of Times of India, Vikas Singh, author of the book ‘The Petpost Secret’, Radhika Dhariwal and fellow student reporters of other schools. Two students, Snigdha Sarthak- IX-B and Janaki N- IX-A were shortlisted as the school reporters after going through a few tests and auditions. As a part of NIE’s assigned activity, they were asked to read the book ‘The Petpost Secret’ by Radhika Dhariwal and then review it.
The event took place at Manav Rachna University, Faridabad on 29th August, 2014.The students were addressed by Vikas Singh, the Resident Editor, who told them about the basics of journalism and the prospects of journalism as a career choice. After the impressive talk by Mr. Vikas singh, the author of ‘The petpost secret’, Radhika Dharwal, did some reading from her book. The floor was later open for questions and the students got a chance to interact with such inspirational figures. Through the event, students not only got acquainted with the field of journalism as a probable career choice but also had the fortune to meet the author of the book they had recently enjoyed reading.

        • Literacy week: Nukkad Natak competition:

The event was organized by St. Francis De Sales School, Janakpuri on 3rd September, 2014. The topic of the play by our team was “Pappu Paas Ho Gaya” which was a satire on fake universities that gamble with the future of the students. Following students took part: Kashish Dhingra (IX); Deepanshi Malhotra (IX); Hriday Soin (X); Manya Goel (X); Vrinda Jain (X); Prateek Vawadhawan(X); Rohil Kakkar (X); Lakshay Vig (X); Pooja Bansal (IX); Muskaan Duggal (X); Nuparth Chaudhary (X); Abhinav Garg (IX); Shivani Sehgal (X); Tanishqa Kumar (IX); Anshita Bhardwaj (IX); Daksh Oberoi (IX); Gatij Dhingra (IX); Rithik Kampani (IX). The play won the third prize in the competition and also got a special mention for their improvisation and choice of topic.

Manav Sthali is proud of its talented students!

          1. Aeromodelling Contest

Manav Sthali School aimed at nurturing leaders of future and has always given the students a platform to pursue their interests and make them reach cherisable heights.

Aarushi Dhingra and Kriti Gupta of class IXth were given the opportunity to interact with professional pilots where they were introduced with their day to day problems and how they came across them.

The main attraction of the event was AEROMODELLING CONTEST where they were provided with a kit to make a working model of an aeroplane which turned out to be a golden opportunity for our students. They bagged the 2nd position in the longest flight category and were awarded with certificates from IIT-DELHI.