Stay @ Home for Humanity Campaign at Manav Sthali School has been initiated for students during Lockdown period for social distancing during COVID – 19 pandemic. Each person has to take the responsibility to stay at home and save themselves and other citizens of the country.

Our school endeavours to keep our students productively occupied during this period where our country is battling a crisis and are required to stay home to take necessary steps and precautions to stop the spread of Coronavirus and save others. Our school always emphasizes on integrating optimal learning techniques for its students and has initiated different strategies to keep the students engaged at home with learning practices that are productive and vital for their growth. Stay @ Home for Humanity Campaign inspires the students to undertake certain activities, to promote introspection, to look at the positive side of life in such tough times and encourage mental stimulation while staying at home. They are encouraged to spend time with their parents, siblings and grandparents, help in daily chores and take care of each other. The students are developing and showcasing their creative talents and enhancing their skills during this period.

Manav Sthali School has been and will always incorporate progressive methods in teaching-learning process and shall always move ahead in the right direction. With the motto to “Heal the World and Make it a better place”, our students have always encouraged their fellow students to bring peace in the community by being compassionate, kind and empathetic towards one another.