Social Contribution


Sthali family wishes to spread smile to as many as possible. Invoked with the feeling of patriotism and filled with infinite zest for mother land the students of Manav Sthali School always volunteer to help in many other ways besides monetary contribution. Manav Sthali has and always will be committed & will be in forefront for rendering relief & support as and when required.

United colours of Humanity #2

Taking the effort of our social service welfare programs forward, we once again initiated UNITED COLOURS OF HUMANITY#2, our Annual Diwali E- Charity Event, one of its kind E initiative, that helps our Manav Sthali family play their part in the society.

Manav Sthalians have been bringing smiles on many faces with a number of E- Events for a noble cause, the whole year round, “United Colours of Humanity” being one of them. This online charity event was initiated in the year 2020 to raise money for contribution to orphanages and old age homes and the whole hearted support from the students and the parents made this first time online event a huge success.

In the year 2021, we organized the second round of the event with a noble cause, with something exciting and entertaining. The students exhibited their hidden talents and expressed themselves through dance performances, songs, theatrical presentations and much more on the 21st, 22nd and 23rd of October in the Online Events.

The winners were announced on the 1st of November during the Grand Finale of UNITED COLOURS OF HUMANTY#2. Speaking on the occasion, Mrs. Mamta V. Bhatnagar – Director & Founder Principal Manav Sthali School, urged the new age parents to keep their family close. She also congratulated each and every member of the Manav Sthali Family for their wholehearted support, motivating Manav Sthalians to carry forward the legacy that will indeed make them TRUE MANAVS.

This year through UCOH #2 Manav Sthali School raised amount for Blind school, The Earth Saviours and ONYVA TARA child protection and empowerment organization to share joy and happiness on Diwali.

It was an absolute delight to watch the enthusiastic participation of the students and parents alike while appreciating the thought process that went behind making this event a grand and successful one. The children of the above mentioned organisations were very excited to watch the online programme that brightened their day. Lots of blessings were showered by the elderly at Old Age home who seemed thrilled to watch the wonderful online event.

Manav Sthali in its sincere endeavours tried to make 2021 special in so many ways, spreading hope and positivity with a humble gesture of love and compassion.

MANAV SURAKSHA-Students Initiative to provide information on Covid-19 Resources

Today, as a nation, we need to stand together to tackle the grim situation that we are in. The times are indeed challenging as the number of people not being able to procure oxygen, an ICU bed, vaccine and even food for that matter, is increasing every minute. The situation however, has awakened many a conscience to come forth and support their fellow beings.

Manav Sthalians have always  stood  for  a social  cause  dedicatedly  and  wholeheartedly  extending  maximum  support  during  such  times of  distress. In our constant endeavours to render timely help, under the guidance of Mrs Mamta Bhatnagar, Director and Founder principal, Mrs Dipti A Bhatnagar, Principal, Manav Sthali School initiated MANAV SURAKSHA -MANAV HELPLINE on 2nd May 2021 to provide real time information on the availability of beds in hospitals, oxygen, plasma, Tiffin Services, Ambulances, Lab/CT scan, Chemist etc. in Delhi to the ones in need.

Manav Suraksha team is jointly managed by Anushasit Sainanis and Student Council members along with a team of 80 students who are working 24/7 to help people .The team receives  an average of 800 calls a day and works on 5 levels. First, class-wise leaders are appointed to collect leads for portfolios that are oxygen, plasma, doctors, beds, tiffin service, medicines, and labs. These leads are then verified by class volunteers. The PR team is in direct contact with patients and provides necessary help from collected leads. The Core team manages and supervises the functioning of the Suraksha group and assigns tasks to volunteers. IT team maintains a database of Leads and resources. This list is updated twice a day. FB team provides required resources to people who reach out on Facebook for help. In these grim times, we manav sthali warriors all stand together united as ever to extend ourselves to society.

We have once again to extended our services to humanity and will take measures to overcome this crisis while staying @Home for humanity. We strongly stand by these words of Martin Luther King Jr.

“If you can’t fly, then run, if you can’t run, then walk, if you can’t walk, then crawl but whatever you do, you have to keep moving forward”

United Colours of Humanity:

“ United Colours of Humanity”-
First of its kind E-Charity Event 2020 by Manav Sthalians
Manav Sthali School, R-Block, New Rajendra Nagar, under the able leadership of Mrs. Mamta V.Bhatnagar-Director & Founder Principal Manav Sthali School, has been sensitizing its students to serve humanity selflessly and be compassionate towards the needy & underprivileged. Taking the effort of our social service welfare programmes forward, we all came together this Diwali with our E-initiative to wish good health and happiness to all during the testing times of pandemic.

The Manav Sthalians, in addition to the E-Programme also contributed generously online for the first of its kind E-Charity event ‘United Colours of Humanity’ organised by the school on Sunday, 8th November’ 2020. The entire amount was donated to Gurunanak Sukhshala – Old Age Home and SOS Children’s villages India – Orphanage to ensure a happier and bright Diwali for them.

This programme organised & supported by Mrs. Dipti A.Bhatnagar virtually with the assistance of staff and students, was a sincere endeavour by the students to contribute to the noble cause. ETickets were bought for the E-Charity show to get access to the link of the event that was personally e-mailed to the generous contributors.

The amount that was collected through sale of E-Ticket was donated to the above mentioned Old Age Home and Orphanage through a cheque along with wall paint & paint material and dry fruit boxes.

The E-Programme began with Ganesh Vandana and students entertained everyone with Solo and Group songs in English and Hindi. Children also enacted episodes of Ramayana and showcased the various forms of Goddess Durga.

During the programme Mrs. Mamta V. Bhatnagar urged the children to uphold their values and ideals, be sensitive and compassionate towards humanity and always stand up for the people in need as true Manav Sthalians always do. She motivated and encouraged the children to celebrate eco-friendly Diwali and respect nature, very clearly indicating that no time is challenging enough to serve humanity. She feels that we should always be ready to spread smiles, joy and happiness to the less fortunate.

The children at SOS Children’s villages India were very excited to watch the online programmewhich brightened their day and brought a smile on their faces. Lots of blessings were showered by the elderly at Old Age home who watched the event online with great enthusiasm.

Continuing with our efforts of spreading smiles under United Colours of Humanity the school donated – medicines, shoes, chocolates, candies, bags, books, blankets, toys and candles from the money collected to Children of the World, an NGO in Dwarka and Rasoi on Wheels, Gurgaon on the occasion of Christmas & New Year.

Manav Sthali with its sincere endeavours tried to make 2020 special in so many ways, spreading hope and positivity with gestures of love and compassion.

Literacy Project:

The schools curriculum & pedagogy ensures that students are socially aware & understand their duty towards humankind & society. Eradication of illiteracy from weaker sections of society has been the prime objective of the school.

This commitment dates back to year 1988 when the late Prime Minister Shri Rajiv Gandhi launched National Literacy Mission (NLM). Therefore, the school students have imparted the gift of literacy to more than 11,000 illiterate citizens.

The dedicated efforts of the students have been recognized by the State Resource Centre of the Jamia Milia Islamia University, which has awarded Manav Sthali the Sufia Ajmali Memorial Trophy for six consecutive years 1990-1996, for imparting literacy to the maximum no. of people. For continuous three years, the school has been the proud recipient of the UNICEF Trophy for outstanding work in the field of adult Literacy. Currently the school has around 850 volunteers working in the literacy & post literacy programmes.

Manav Sthali School has been closely involved in the Education For All (EFA) project launched by the Delhi Sarva Shiksha Abhiyan Samiti. A portion of Bappa Nagar area was adopted successfully under the project, & the school has adopted slum dwellings behind Ahimsa Bhavan, near Rajendra Nagar to spearhead complete literacy programmes. The school Improvement Programme initiated in August 2001 as a Twinning Programme has been a successful step towards a brighter future. The bonds of mutual understanding between schools in the programme have strengthened because the school shared their material & human resources in the past years with several other schools.

Awards & Appreciation:

  1. School was awarded with ‘Sufia Ajmali Memorial Trophy’ by State Resource Centre, Jamia Milia Islamia for six consecutive years from 1990-96 for making maximum illiterates literate.
  2. Awarded the UNICEF Trophy for contribution towards Adult Literacy for the year 1996-97 and 1997-98.
  3. Trophy awarded by Dr. Harshvardhan, Minister for Health Education under National Service Scheme for Distinguished and Commendable Contribution to the society in the field of “Education for All” on 23rd April 1998.
  4. Manav Sthali School awarded Sufia Ajmali Memorial Running Trophy under Literacy Project – 29th April 2010 for making the highest no. of learner’s literates. 02 scholarships of Rs. 300/-each were presented to Ms. Neha learner of Lehar Bhandari of class X F & Ms. Sapna learner of Pulkit Batra of IX F of Manav Sthali School. Ms. Shalu Kochar teacher of Manav Sthali School was appreciated for her excellent work towards Literacy in 2010.
  5. Manav Sthali School awarded Sufia Ajmali Memorial Running Trophy under Literacy Project – 23rd June 2011 for making the highest no. of illiterates literates -1044 learners literate
  6. 2011@ Manav Sthali School was awarded Sufia Ajmali Memorial Running Trophy and certificate for best performance in MPFL by state Resource Centre, Jamia Milia Islamia for making highest no. 1044 of learners literate.The trophy & certificate was presented to Mamta V Bhatnagar Director & Founder Principal Manav Sthali School at a function organized on 23rd June 2011 at SpringDales School, Dhaula Kaun, New Delhi.
  7. 2012@ Manav Sthali School was awarded Sufia Ajmali Memorial Running Trophy and certificate for best performance in MPFL by state Resource Centre, Jamia Milia Islamia for making highest no. 1205 of learners literate. The trophy & certificate was presented to Mamta V Bhatnagar Director & Founder Principal Manav Sthali School at a function organized on 2nd May 2012 at SpringDales School, Dhaula Kaun, New Delhi.
  8. Manav Sthali School is awarded HENRY SELZ FOUNDATION TROPHY and making second highest no. 1205 of learners literate for the session 2012-13. The trophy & certificate was presented to Mamta V Bhatnagar Director & Founder Principal Manav Sthali School at a function organized on 2nd May 2013 at Spring Dales School, Dhaula Kaun, New Delhi.This year 2013 the school will also be working on the project “INTERVENTIONS TO SAVE THE GIRL CHILD” under Delhi School Literacy Project.
  • Literacy 2012


With patriotic emotions suffused in the heart of Manav Sthali, we pledge to uphold the dignity and honor of our motherland and become worthy citizens of the country.

The aim is to help the less privileged people & at the same time inculcate a sense of social responsibility among our students & create empathy in them for the disadvantaged sections of the society. Manav Sthali School forwards financial contribution to social causes every year and has long association with organizations like Help age – India, Red Cross, Teri & A Tree.

The school organized a KARGIL SHAHEED SAMITI SAMAROH in the year 1999 & honored Kargil Martyrs. The school adopted their families and collected humble amount of Rs. 7, 40,000/- towards this poignant cause. Post KARGIL phase the students also visited the army base hospital to meet the valiant jawans and wish them a speedy recovery with handmade cards and gifts. Jawans were also presented a cheque of Rs. 1 lakh as a gesture of respect and acknowledgment of their sacrifice. School revisited the army hospital on Raksha Bandhan to tie RAKHIS to the kargil heroes and to express their prayers for a long life and safety of all the jawans at borders.


The school has also been actively involved in the Pulse Polio Immunization and AIDS awareness projects. The school’s contribution towards Indian Red Cross Society has been duly recognized for promoting Junior Red Cross Programs in school for two consecutive years i.e. 1996-97, 1997-98. Maldives and Russian Delegations have also visited our school under N.S.S. Exchange Program.

Dengue Prevention Project has been successfully launched in August 1998 under the National Service Scheme and Manav Sthali School has been appointed as the Zonal Co-ordinator for Zone-28 under the same scheme.


Manav Sthali School forwards financial and in-kind contribution to social causes every year.

  • HELP AGE INDIA:Manav Sthali organized a programme “Our commitment towards helping society” on August 18, 2003. As a token of love & affection, Manav Sthali School presented a cheque of Rs. 1, 45,181/- raised by the students to Major General I.S. Dillon, Director General, Help Age India.
  • TSUNAMI RELIEF FUND:The Staff & students of Manav Sthali School extended their whole hearted contribution to help the people suffering from Tsunami Calamity. Responding to the cause Manav Sthali School contributed an amount of Rs. 1, 11,000/- (One Lac Eleven Thousand) vide draft in favor of C.B.S.E. & also contributed towards Chief Minister’s Relief Fund an amount of Rs. 2,36,353/- ( Two lakh Thirty Six Thousand Three Hundred Fifty Three Only).
  • PRAYAS: Home for the HomelessAnother initiative to contribute to our society and to cultivate compassion and sensitize our students, Manav Sthali associated with “PRAYAS”.The student’s donated woolen clothes wholeheartedly to “Prayas” (shelter home for neglected & street children) and exemplified an act of humanity. The students compassionately collected books, notebooks, pencils, bags etc. as an expression of equality to the deprived and underprivileged. The students visit various centers during festivals to celebrate with the unfortunate ones and try to bring a moment of joy and happiness in their lives.
  • SMILE FOUNDATION:Manav Sthali School has long association with non government organizations like Help age – India, Red Cross, Teri & A Tree. And as a token of love & affection Mrs. Mamta V Bhatnagar, Director & Founder Principal, Manav Sthali School, presented a Draft of Rs.75, 783/- (Seventy Five Thousand Seven hundred eighty three) contributed by the students of Manav Sthali School to SMILE FOUNDATION, an NGO working towards health & education of the underprivileged on Fifth December 2012.


  • Mrs. Mamta Bhatnagar, Director, Manav Sthali School honored with the World Human Rights Promotion Award 2003 on the occasion of 5th World Human Rights Congress organized by Indian Institute of Human Rights at India International Centre on 11th December 2003, for commendable work done by her in the field of Promotion of Human Rights
  • International Association of Educators for World Peace (An affiliate of UN) has certified her outstanding contribution. Human Rights Millennium Award was conferred for understanding the importance of the role of Human Rights Education in the Global Context. Presented on the occasion of Global Assembly of Educators for World Peace, Environment and Human Rights held from 23rd to 29th December 2000 at India International Centre, New Delhi.