Founder Chairman


Rare indeed it is to come across such an enigmatic and an extraordinary personality, with his plethora of qualities, virtues, vision and philosophy, his zestful endeavours, creative bend of mind and unending desire to do something new and fresh, focused to uplift and enrich the youth – the future of the world: Dr V.K.Bhatnagar.

When the founder Chairman, Hon’ble Dr. V.K. Bhatnagar pioneered Manav Sthali School in 1957, his concepts extended beyond the realms of routine academics. His ideologies deeply rooted in our Indian culture and values, combined with an eye to scientific and technology driven future, his educational philosophy is to serve our nation with holistic quality education.

This noble, dynamic, enigmatic personality had a vision—a desire to churn out self reliant, virtuous citizens—all set to conquer the universe. The vision is now a reality as Manav Sthali Organisation today stands tall and proud under the guidance of the exemplar of courage and humanity.

Dr. V.K. Bhatnagar, A great visionary and philosopher with an untiring zeal to create new vistas in the field of education, is and has been enriching the youth for a glorious future enabling them to adapt to the real world while walking alone on the frails of life. He has been immensely successful in churning students with strong character, high moral values, deep rooted respect for indian traditions with logical, scientific, creative and progressive outlook.

Dr. V.K. Bhatnagar has contributed immensely towards growth and development of the community not only through the tool of education with his longstanding unstinted dedication and fervor but also through various social contributions: financial and in-kind, for the underprivileged.

For his contributions in the field of education and towards the uplift-meant of underprivileged, he has been conferred with the Rashtriya Samman Award for best educationist of the year 1993 by the National Press of India.

Today, our institution is surging ahead as one of the leading educational establishments of Delhi. A school that has carved an eminent niche for itself under the valuable guidance of our founder chairman Hon’ble Dr. V.K. Bhatnagar. He has taught the Manav Sthalians to transform the ordinary into the extraordinary, explore new horizons of knowledge in every area of human creativity, excellence and value system, and strive to become shining stars of moral principles, universal values and service to humanity.

Dr. V. K. Bhatnagar : A Legend