Patriotism is Universal

We take pleasure to inform you that Manav Sthali School,R-Block, New Rajender Nagar,New Delhi organised “Patriotism is Universal ” on 19th August 2016, Friday at 10:00 am in the school auditorium under the ISA activity.

The programme was inaugurated by Mrs Mamta V Bhatnagar, Director & Founder Principal,Manav Sthali School. The chief guests for the day were Ms. Preeti Bhutani, Associate Lecturer, Alliance Francois (Paris) and Ms.Sohani Sachdev an alumna of Manav Sthali who is presently working as a project coordinator in Max Mueller Bhawan

The aim of this activity was to make students aware about the concept of PATRIOTISM with reference to its universal meaning and global importance. Love for homeland not only means loving it and taking care of it, it also means taking responsibility and working for its betterment.

The feelings of devotion and support that patriotism should create in us make us work to strengthen it and the strength of a country is the strength of its people. The love for a country should mean spreading the love in the entire world and working towards world PEACE. The countries chosen for this activity were France and Germany along with India.

The great scholars like LOCKE and ROUSSEAU gave the world ideas like liberty, fraternity, sovereignity, and INDIA followed these concepts and emerged as a front runner in practising the same.

The activities carried out were Word cloud formation, Flag Making and a theatrical representation of the struggle that these countries faced. The basic idea behind the word cloud formation was spreading patriotism through FUN. In their respective language classes, the students were engaged in a thought provoking discussion about the meaning of the national anthem of all the 3 countries. The result that followed led to a brain storming session between students of all the 3 languages, discussing and exchanging the meanings of the words that have similar meaning or essence in all three anthems.

Then they were asked to prepare word clouds where in they would write the meanings of those common words in all 4 languages ENGLISH, HINDI, FRENCH, and GERMAN.

This activity engrossed the students so much that they were eager to make two or three clouds instead of one so that they could learn the meaning of various words in different language. The success of the activity could be seen from the smiling faces and artistic and innovative expressions of the students.

Along with this activity we also discussed the national flag of different countries. National flag of any country is a symbol of respect and pride for that country. A lot of history is involved in the designing of any national flag.The colours represent certain underlying meaning. Those meanings were discussed and that gave rise to many interesting facts and revelations.

Students discovered more about the man who created the Indian Flag. All these activities increased the sense of pride in the students not only for their own country but for other nations as well. They learnt the importance of freedom, making them more aware of their own independence. They learnt how to become self reliant without being self centered, self confident without being egoistic, and to respect self without being arrogant.

“Getting Inspired”, a play depicting the struggles that France , India and Germany went through was depicted by the students of class IX.The underlying essence of patriotism that inspired the patriots to fight for freedom from Monarchy, Aristocracy and dictatorship was depicted beautifully by the students. It started by depicting how Jacobin leaders like Robespierre and Mirabeau led the French citizens to a monarch free country. Inspired by the ideals of liberty, fraternity and equality Tipu Sultan in India also formed a Jacobin club of Mysore and planted the Liberty tree to symbolise unity. With freedom fighters like Tipu sultan, Raja Ram Mohan Roy new generation leaders like Bhagat Singh, Sukhdev were also inspired to fight for their AZAADI. This was depicted by the students by incorporating the scene of Bhagat singh, Sukhdev and Rajguru being hanged and what their last wish was. This was followed by the rise of Hitler in Germany and how he established a complete dictatorship. Figure like Hitler was challenged by a small school girl Sophie Scholl by forming White Rose group to bring peace which was depicted by portraying Sophie’s character. It was summed up by students echoing PATRIOTISM IS UNIVERSAL to instil the feeling of love for our motherland.

Mrs Bhatnagar thoroughly enjoyed the play and appreciated the effort of the students.Ms. Bhutani praised the efforts and stressed on the fact that it made her realise the importance of HOME. “Heart is where the home is”, this was the message given by Ms. Sohani as well. The common features of all 3 countries made it an interesting event which was followed by the school choir group singing HEAL THE WORLD and our talented singers singing a medley of patriotic songs.

The success of the activity lies in instilling a sense of pride about our nation and nations with similar stories.

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