Mathematics cannot be taught as an abstract subject, it requires an approach that is practical and application-based in nature for better understanding. Manav Sthali School, for the same, has introduced a fully-equipped and efficient Maths Lab in its premises.

Maths Lab, which is accessible to students from classes I to XII, is equipped with tools to facilitate learning. From mathematical models for a enhanced perceptive of a topic to computer systems installed for working on logical worksheets and projects, it covers all the areas that need solving in a practical manner.

It serves as a break from the monotony of a classroom and teaching aid. It focuses on the concept of learning by doing which is a proven method for quick and thorough learning. Activities such as quiz and role-playing of famous mathematicians takes place on a regular basis to make learning fun and easy.

The equipment present in the math’s lab is constantly improving to match the pace of the changing times. Additions to the lab keep taking place often so that all the needs of the students and teachers are met. We believe that Mathematics is a very important subject that helps enhance logical thinking.