International Visits

Trip to NASA

Students of class Xth and XIth got a wonderful chance to visit the amazing Kennedy Space Centre at Florida and many other place in the USA. 24 girl Students & 2 group leaders (senior teachers) went on an 11 day educational & cultural tour to USA from 13th July to 23rd July 2014. This included 3 days course at the Kennedy Space Centre at Florida, Cultural tour to Orlando, New York and Washington DC. The programme at the Space Centre, NASA was informative, educative and included a number of hands on activities. The educators at NASA gave the students Astronaut Training Experience which included Mock Shuttle experience, Rocket launching, simulator and physical simulator. At NASA our group got an opportunity to see a replica of International Space Station. The group had an opportunity to go inside the ISS by crawling & experiencing how astronauts float inside the ISS. There was a guided tour to space shuttle explorer, Astronaut “HALL OF FAME” and Rocket Garden. The students were thrilled & fascinated by the actual rockets, space suites, space ships & spacecrafts from the Mercury, Gemini & Apollo programmes. On the second day they had lunch with the famous astronaut “Jon Mc Bride” who narrated his experiences & gave a briefing on World Space agencies. The progamme concluded with the Graduation Ceremony where the students were awarded certificates on completion of the course. Other places where students enjoyed were Sea World (Dolphin Show), Universal Studios, Island of Adventure at Orlando. Time square, Empire State Building, 5th Avenue, Rockefeller Centre, China Town, Statue of Liberty, Ground Zero and many more at New York and Whitehouse, US Capitol, Library of Congress etc at Washington DC.



Odyssey 2014

Breaking all barriers…….Head held up high and ready to fly

Odyssey of the Mind 2014

MANAV STHALIANS once again marked their presence by successfully competing for the 2nd time at the International level of Odyssey of the Mind 2014.

Odyssey of the mind is a mega event wherein the problems given to the students are to be solved in the most CREATIVE and EFFICIENT manner; it enforces students to think out of the box. The students of Manav Sthali participated in different PROBLEMS and made the school proud by winning laurels.

From Manav Sthali School 7 teams competed for five different problems at Regional and National level. One team made us proud by scoring 1st rank (Gold Medal) in their respective problem & 2 teams won Silver Medal in their respective problems.

TEAM 1: Odyssey of the mind, a creative extravaganza hosted the finals of 2014 OOTM in Iowa State University, Ames. Iowa, USA held from28th May-4th June 2014. More than 863 teams participated in this creative fair to showcase their ideas and work. From Manav Sthali School, a 5 member’s team comprising of Wamika Sachdev, Soumya Dhingra, Muskaan Gandhi, Harshit Verma and Vidur Seth along with their coach Ms. Mansi Bajaj represented India in their World Finals of OOTM, this year.

ootm 1 ws.jpeg

They had won Gold Medal in the regional level earlier this year in their problem which was named ‘Seeing is Believing’ under Division III and hence were invited to participate in USA finals. In this theatrical problem, the team had to incorporate various given tasks in their performance. The team received huge applause and accolades from the judges for their colourful and majestic performance. The judges were all gaga over the beautifully crafted props and specially applauded the team as each and every single piece had been designed by the students themselves. There was a special mention for two of the team members of this year’s winning team (Wamika Sachdev and Soumya Dhingra), who had also participated in last years finale, as they had won regional round last year as well. We wish the students all the luck for their future endeavours and congratulate them for their success. The coaches of the group are Ms Tapasya Baneerjee & Ms Mansi.

TEAM 2: A seven member team which won Silver Medal in Regional’s in division II designed and built a vehicle driven by a team member enacting the driver’s character taking the driver’s test. The innovative props, costumes, the vehicle and the theme were all prepared by the students. They were all proud participants in the World finals held at IOWA State University campus, IOWA, USA. The performance of the team was much appreciated by the judges and the audience.

ootm 1 ms uma.jpeg

On the whole our students not only gained an enriching experience but also came back to India wiser with new experiences and confidence ready to face new challenges. Our students, Yugantar Sahai, Pranshu Aggarwal, Shubham Dhingra, Anushka Narula, Pragati Mehra, Rasneet Kaur and Taniskha Jain along with their coaches Mrs M. K. Uma and Mrs Ekta Malhotra have made not only the school but also our country proud.

TEAM 3: The team winning Silver Medal at Regional and National level got a chance to perform at the international level, in Eurofest at Tatralandia, Slovakia for the World Finals from 24th April -2nd May 2014. It was a gala event where more than 90 teams from different countries participated. Our team showcased outstanding performances in spontaneous and long-term. The team was also appreciated for their innovative costumes, the spooky backdrop, hydraulic arm which they created. In Mixed – Team problem, the team performed with Bellarus and Slovakian team.

ootm 1 ms. anjali gulati.jpeg

The team further went to Vienna (Austria) for a 3 day fun trip visiting Museum of Technology, Schouburn palace, Madame Tussads, Oldest zoo of Vienna.The team comprised of: Divya Khilnani, Shaurye Bhatnagar, Diwij Narang,Sambhav Bhayana,Mehak Sharma,Muskaan Gupta and Priyansh Goel.The coaches of the group are Ms. Anjali Gulati & Ms. Pooja Jain


Trip to Singapore



CISV International

Expanding Horizons…… CISV 2014

Manav Sthali School believes that the world is one big family & harmony between people & countries should be preserved for universal peace. As a part of this global understanding, student delegations from the school are sent every year to other countries for cross cultural interchanges under Children’s International Summer Villages (CISV).

Manav Sthali School under Children’s International Summer Villages (CISV) participated in two camps this year in 2014.

Group 1: OSLO, NORWAY: Represented by Ms Sanjana Saluja –Leader along with four student delegates -Divit Mittal, Riya Balwani,Tanav Gaba & Jahanvi Sharma from 27th June to 24th July ‘2014 .


Group 2: MICHIGAN, USA: Represented by Ms Divya Saneja-Leader along with four student delegates – Nischay Khandelwal, Yashvardhan Gupta, Sanidhi Singh,Yanni Malhotra from 27June to 24 July 2014.


Mrs. Mamta V Bhatnagar, President, CISV Delhi Chapter, firmly believes that such a cultural experience for the young children facilitates them to be independent & instills a feeling of responsibility. She strongly feels that the children have untainted tender minds & at this impressionable age, we make all sincere attempts to transform them as our true “World Ambassadors”. We provide them with all kind of support in order to nurture them as global citizens of the world. World peace is a major concern for all the countries as in today’s scenario fear of war prevails all over. In the era of violence & turmoil, peace is the only shelter that can save our future. So let all our energies be put together towards attaining world peace. Our efforts must be world-wide.

Our students think of the world as their own….This is exemplified in the successful exchange programmes initiated & organized by our school. These programmes bring not just the children, but the entire families & countries closer. The students have exhibited their global thinking and try to attain world prosperity through love & sharing.

That day is not far when the students of today will become world peace leaders who will work together for world peace & world prosperity through love& sharing. So we have to learn, in this world to live as one .It is the responsibility of each one of us to make the world a better place to live in.

The educational purpose of CISV is to train individuals to be active & contributing members of a peaceful society. We aim to encourage life-long development of amicable relationships, effective communication skills, cooperative abilities & appropriate leadership qualities aiming at a just & fair world.