International Fair – Spirit of World Peace

Manav Sthali School organized ‘Spirit of World Peace International Fair’ under the ISA Project undertaken by the school, on December 22, 23 and 24. Spread over a period of three days, the ‘ International Fair ‘ provided all the fun, thrill and excitement.One could get a true glimpse of the values, culture, tradition and cuisine of four countries – India, France, Germany and U.S.A.

The ‘International Fair’ was formally inaugurated by Founder Chairman- Dr. V.K Bhatnagar who lit the ceremonial lamp of strength, peace and harmony. The students, under the benevolent guidance, inspiration and motivation of Director and Founder Principal, Mrs. Mamta V. Bhatnagar, gave wonderful cultural performances of India, France, Germany and USA —a perfect blend of Cross-Cultural bonding.

It was indeed a pleasure and honour to have Mr. Anurag Bhatnagar – as the guest of honour whose presence and appreciation rejuvenated the students making them joyous and jubilant.Mr. Anurag Bhatnagar is an alumni of the school and is a well established entrepreneur with an impressive flair of design.

The other distinguished guests, from prominent schools of Delhi and parents who had been invited to be a part of the celebrations felt elated to witness the spectacular exhibits of the four countries —They were spell bound to explore the uniqueness of each country and acknowledged the common bonds essential to promote spirit of love, peace and harmony. Besides imbibing the virtues and values of being a global citizen, they thoroughly enjoyed the delicious cuisine of India, France, Germany and U.S.A. The Food Stalls of all the countries attracted large crowds and one and all experienced the true taste of the food of the four countries.

The exhibition area showcased the national symbols, agriculture and famous monuments, culture and tradition of the four countries. Students also enacted known & prominent personalities from these countries.

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