I am a Superhero: A Collaborative Effort

Rooted in the concept of man’s insatiable quest to go beyond the mundane and do the impossible, the activity ‘I am a Superhero’ under ISA project, offered a marvelous opportunity to the tiny tots of classes I to V to explore the qualities that go into the making of a Superhero. Interestingly in this rewarding pursuit they realized that these superheroic qualities were reflective of their own inherent powers.

To achieve this aim, in a collaborative effort the Indian students joined hands with their counterparts in Cheyenne Elementary School, Arizona, USA to study the popular superheroes of the two countries through stories and other educational material. Exchange of information took place between the students.

Morning assemblies and classroom discussions served as an excellent platform to bring home the ideal that achieving superhuman feats like flying in the air, walking on water or climbing heights or displaying one’s physical prowess are not the only signs of a superhero. The real touchstone of their strength lies in how they chisel out the ‘Superhero’ in themselves through their intrinsic qualities reflected in their conduct.

The ‘Superhero Pledge’ – to uphold our commitment towards justice and peace reinforced the same message of lifelong commitment to the virtues of love, justice and peace, to tread the path of righteousness to bring about ‘the greatest good for the greatest number’. They participated in an array of activities viz colouring worksheets, making superhero masks and wristbands, singing superhero rhymes and jingles, engaging in stage and mike activities by dressing up as their favourite superheroes.

The Audience was literally swept off their feet by the splendid fashion show put up by the kids. The ramp show was a huge success as the enthralled audience watched the kids walking the ramp confidently dressed up in colourful attire of their favourite superhero putting their powers of imagination and ingenuity to test. As the kids stole the show with their mesmerising performance amidst applause, they secretly felt like superheroes deep down in their hearts. Children also enacted superheroes of real life from across the world and thus emerged yet another facet of superhero qualities.

The fitness training programmes brought out the spirit of team work, discipline and co-ordination – the innate qualities of universal superheroes.

The students put up an interesting stage show too. A skit “ Aspiring Superheroes” was staged which highlighted the theme: ‘Everyone can be a superhero if one has super intentions to make the world a better place’. The theme was stressed through small anecdotes from Lord Hanuman’s life.

As a token of appreciation and recognition of their efforts in demonstrating the superheroic qualities, the students were awarded ‘Superhero Title’. It was infact our way of reaffirming our faith in the basic philosophy behind the project: Each one of us has the power to be a superhero and yes, we can.

The journey into the realm of superheroes and the experience of exploring the superheroic qualities was indeed a fascinating one which has channelised the energies and attitudes of the young, impressionable minds in a positive direction. The superheroic qualities are no longer abstract and imaginary. Rather, they are very much attainable and within reach. Superheroes exist in and around us in our family, neighborhood, society. And the most gratifying of all the title, ‘I am a Superhero too’. The American students too gained knowledge of Indian superheroes and enjoyed exploring interesting facets of India through these superheroes. Mutual learning & appreciation was an evident outcome of this project.

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