On the auspicious day of Baisakhi, the stage was set ablaze as the students of Manav Sthali International Wing put forth their annual fiesta-‘Expressions.’

The annual celebration was an amalgamation of colour, talent, vigour and confidence as the students performed with zeal. Seeking the blessings of God, the choir sang zestfully the hymn, ‘Showers of Blessings’, along with the young guitarists who matched the notes in tandem. The citation ceremony applauded the fervor of young achievers as the distinguished guests of honour, Mr. Abhilash Malhotra, Criminal Majistrate, Tis Hajari Court, New Delhi and Ms. Himani Monalisa Dutta, All India Radio handed over the titles and certificates to the students. The variety in the cultural program and the passion of the performers was admired immensely by the esteemed guests.

The spirit of Yoga, exhibited the balance between the body and mind, as the students posed the asanas energetically. A vivid mix of the varied aspects of theatre was illuminated on stage as students performed a hilarious comedy, ‘Cinderella’s Big Foot!’, reinforcing the message of accepting everyone with a smile. A talk-show enumerating our over-dependency on gadgets in the current times, put the audience into the thinking mode, laying down a word of caution. A memorable day indeed!

Report on Initiation of academic session-2018 for International Wing- International Primary Curriculum

Unit: Brainwave

The session at Manavsthali International Wing was initiated with an interesting week of the Brainwave unit. A unit of work, under the International Primary Curriculum, it focuses on meta-cognition, helping the students to speak about their own learning. An array of research –based activities were taken up like making a brain-box to collect facts about the human brain, understanding neuro-myths, understanding how our brain perceives differently through picture-reading, building a story through imagination, understanding memory as a part of our brain and how we can memorize in a better way and retain it permanently in our brain. Through craft-activities, students created models of the human brain by reusing newspapers and using play-dough. Students were made aware of how we can relax the brain through meditation and how it can be made alert to our surroundings through mindful-thinking, and how both together help us achieve ‘well-being’. The week was summed up with the students creating a checklist of how a positive learning environment can be created and how it will facilitate better learning. The brainwave unit helps the students understand how our brain can be trained to help us learn in the best possible way, which is integrated with every subsequent unit of work.

Unit: ‘let’s Plant it!’

At the International Wing, learning outside the classroom and in an exciting way befits the description of the entry-point of the current unit of work which relates to plants. Students of Milepost-1(Grades 1 and 2) made hairy potato-heads, an interesting way of germinating seeds in potato-shells. Students from Mileposts 2 and 3 (Grades 3, 4 and 5) designed their own garden (landscaping-art) in the classroom. They then visited the school garden area and planted a variety of seeds. Integrating it with the spirit of ‘Earth-Day’, students used reusable pet-jars, bottles, pots to plant seeds. Knowledge and understanding of tilling the soil, removing weeds, seed-spacing, using tools, adequate water-levels, usage of manure was given to the students. Students would actually create the garden and raise funds for farmers (a part of the international task)by encouraging the visitors to buy their plants, as they celebrate their learning in the exit-point of the same unit of work.