Universal code of Conduct drafted by the students of Class VI and VII

We, the global citizens appreciate the similarities and the differences between people, recognize that our beliefs and viewpoints are varied. For sustainable living, fairness and equality, the rights and responsibilities have been collated in the form of the following Universal Code of Conduct —


  1. We must reach home on time.
  2. We must use sorry, thank you! and please where necessary.
  3. We must not use abusive and offensive language.
  4. We must not litter our surroundings.
  5. We should respect and love each other.


  1. We must be punctual.
  2. We must be empathetic towards our fellow mates.
  3. We should not bunk our classes.
  4. We should not damage school property.
  5. We should speak with respect with our teachers and class fellows.



  1. We must not destroy public property.
  2. We must not smoke in public areas.
  3. We should not scribble on the walls.
  4. We must not pluck flowers and cut trees.


  1. Child labour is a punishable offence.
  2. A valid passport is mandatory to travel abroad.
  3. We must not discriminate people on the basis of religion, colour or caste.
  4. Free and compulsory education must be emphasized upon.
  5. Everyone must be treated equally in the eyes of law.



  1. We must wear seatbelts while driving.
  2. Vehicles must be checked for pollution at regular intervals.
  3. We must wear helmets while driving a two wheeler.
  4. We must follow road signs and traffic rules.
  5. We must never drive under the influence of alcohol.
  6. We must not use mobile phones while driving.
  7. Vehicles must be registered with a valid insurance certificate.

The Universal Code of Conduct was framed by the students of Class VI & VII of Batch 2016-17. The students researched about various rules of India, Australia and America under ISA project Rules – Rules – Rules.