Code of Conduct for Students

We at Manav Sthali believe that school is a place for teaching and learning and where students have the right to feel safe, secure and supported. To provide this supportive learning environment, students and others must foster respect among all members of the school community.

We expect our students to maintain and encourage high standards of personal conduct. These include honesty, discipline, integrity and consideration, ethics and values.

I____________, student of Manav Sthali School, promises to abide by the prescribed code of conduct and to consciously strive to contribute in all endeavors as a true ‘Manav’. I promise to conduct myself as a self-confident, well-groomed & well-behaved individual.


  • Come to school on time & be regular
  • Wear the prescribed school uniform & look neat, tidy & well groomed
  • Keep my hair short (for boys) & tied (for girls)
  • Not use any make up or accessories
  • Keep the classroom & passages clean
  • Not litter in the school premises
  • Avoid unnecessary movement in the corridors
  • Respect school property & take care of it
  • Attend all classes regularly
  • Behave well with teachers & fellow-students. Treat others with respect
  • Not rush & push anybody at any time
  • Show regard & respect to all teachers
  • Use appropriate language & be honest
  • Will behave in a responsible manner in the school bus while commuting to & from school
  • Follow the queue system while boarding & alighting from the buses
  • Uphold the respect & dignity of the school & avoid disruptive behavior
  • Not carry mobile phones, cameras, iPods etc. to school
  • Participate in class discussions, complete assigned work & prepare well for tests & examination
  • Not indulge in verbal or physical bullying and abusing.
  • Make judicious use of computer & other technology provided by the school
  • Contribute to a safe, secure, clean school environment
  • Maintain exemplary conduct in school, participate in activities & school programmes
  • Be optimistic & enhance my growth with right speech, thought & actions
  • Develop awareness of societal issues like environment, literacy, life skills in a positive manner
  • Develop and use good judgment and be a sincere & creative member of my community
  • Not carry any sharp object which can cause harm intentionally / unintentionally

* I will stand up for the honour of my school & display loyalty for my institution. If I am found violating any of the above mentioned rules, the school management may take any action against me.

I have understood the implications & responsibilities of my promise and agree to follow all the rules Sincerely,

Name : ____________________ Class : __________________