Teacher: Ms. Nidhi Kindra

For an overall development of a student, it is imperative that he/she participates in various kinds of activities. We, at Manav Sthali School, make every effort to hone every talent any child has. To ensure that no talent goes unnoticed we have separate department for almost every extra-curricular activity and students have a chance to find out their talents and work to the best of their abilities. As a result, Dramatics department was recently brought into action.

The department will aim at creating an English production at the end of each year involving students in each aspect of theatre such as costume designing, script writing, stage production, lighting etc. Auditions will be held for each aspect and students will have a chance to find their calling. The department will also produce street plays giving out social messages and the script will be written by the students themselves. This will not only improve their acting skills but also make them aware and help with their writing skills.