Defenders of The Earth : A Collaborative Effort

Jayati Jayati Janani Prithvi

Jayati Vahini Dharini

– Mother Earth we bow in reverence to YOU…

Manav Sthali is one of the pioneer schools to create awareness among the students about the importance of respecting & conserving the environment, once again stood together for the global cause. The students joined hands together to become promising citizens of tomorrow.

Manav Sthali School has applied for British Council International School Awards this year. Under the same initiative, school has to involve 80% of the students in 7 different projects during the academic year 2016-17, each with an international dimension integrated into it.

As our first project for British Council ISA 2016-17, Manav Sthali initiated the project ‘Defenders of the Earth’ , where students of class X have to study Climate change in Delhi and Tokyo now and then (10 years back), identify its causes and find global solutions for same. DEFENDERS OF THE EARTH was a collaborative project for class X with partner school “Our Children House”, Singapore. The project aimed in creating awareness about the climate change, its impact over the past decade, study cause and its effect globally and suggest ways to save Mother Earth as Defenders of Earth. The beautiful, bounteous life giving planet we call ‘Earth’ has given birth to each one of us. Universe is not mine or theirs and each one of us own a responsibility in taking care of it and to work for its betterment.

A S kype session was also conducted to facilitate students’ interaction with the dignitaries of Japan. Our friends from Japan were gracious enough to spend their lunch hours interacting with the students and sharing the much valuable solutions to curb pollution levels in their country.

As a part of collaborative activity a poster making and band and badges activity was also planned for the students to spread awareness about climate change. The students displayed great zeal and enthusiasm while making them which were sent to our partner school. These band & badges were worn by our students during plantation drive as well as by the students of collaborative school in Singapore during a Skype session. Little angels of Singapore school “Our Children House” wore them and seemed delighted. The spirit of brotherhood, and love echoed from both the sides and they reaffirmed their actions and a sense of collective responsibility towards Mother Earth through a pledge taken together. This was followed by a plantation drive with the students planting sapling of the plants commonly grown or used in all the three countries.

The students of both the schools were also made aware of how human activity is contributing to the climate change and the need to follow the 3R’s (Reduce, Reuse, and Recycle). The children exchanged ideas to create beautiful bandhanwars and learnt to make Chinese lanterns out of the waste products. It inculcated judicious use of waste resources to create something useful and innovative besides learning about the significance of Bandhanwars in India and Chinese lantern in Singapore during the festivals of Diwali and Chinese New Year respectively. It also helped in exchange of cross cultural learning across the borders.

Manav Sthali School celebrated Earth Day on April 22′ 2016 in the school premises with great fervor. The Chief Guest – Dr. Himanshu Pathak, Professor and Editor in the Indian Agricultural Research Institute, Delhi, graced the occasion along with another special guest, Mrs. Montu Malhotra, Principal, Bhatnagar International Foundation School, Delhi.

The students of class X presented their research work on ‘Climate change in Delhi & Tokyo’ on 22nd April’ 16. A Skit “time to change” was presented by the students where they not only showcased the problems we will face by 2030 but also showed that we all should be open to learning from other countries which are excelling or which have been in our position but are doing better. Closing of the event was with the evergreen number “Heal the world” by Manav Sthali Choir.

All the students participated enthusiastically. The guest of honor applauded the efforts of the students who took a pledge to be sensitive to the issue and overcome the challenges that are threatening the existence of the planet.

The activity gave our students a platform to learn that our actions have created environmental health hazards globally and its threat to our existence and to find universally implementable solutions. It further enhanced their creative, analytical and interpersonal skills to evolve as more responsible global citizens. The activity under the project one was undertaken with determination to make a difference to every child by opening new vistas of learning and to make education holistic.

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