Credentials from Parents


Attitude and Behaviour shapes our personality. They are the essence of our growth enabling us to change our perceptions.

We, at Manav Sthali aim for/at the holistic development of the child, wherein academics and behavior go hand in hand. Not letting conduct hinder the talent and potential of the students to any point, we focus primarily on perfect discipline and good behavior. Adhering to the values we stand for a ‘Behaviour Sign Up’ was introduced under the sagacious guidance of our Respected Director and Founder Principal, Mrs Mamta V. Bhatnagar .

To improve upon the academics and conduct of the few who required special care and concern, a behavior sign up was done by the students, with the mutual consent of the parents and concerned teachers. Herein, they made a promise to improve upon their academics and behavior for their betterment. This initiative has been taken with the sole purpose of maintaining the decorum of the classes and a perfect balance between academics and social conduct of the students. The venture that began two years back, has been extremely successful and duly appreciated by the parents who have asked for it to be taken further to the next classes. The students behavior and attitude has shown a tremendous change, thus changing their outlook and enhancing their personality. Their confidence and decent conduct along with an improved academic record got them due rewards and appreciation from their parents as decided mutually.

An Endeavour that has been very satisfactory for the students, teachers and parents is surely going to be an on-going process for the higher classes as well, to keep up to the standards of our school.

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