Manav Sthali on the Globe

  1. CHILDREN INTERNATIONAL SUMMER VILLAGES: Manav Sthali School believes that the world is one family & unity among people & nations should be preserved for global peace & harmony. As a part of this global awareness, student delegations from the school are sent every year to other countries for cross cultural exchanges under the Children International Summer Village ( CISV) & International School to School Experience (ISSE).

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    The aim of CISV activities is to promote world peace & culture harmony with the students being sent as Ambassadors of peace from India. Transcending religion, culture & social barriers, under these outreach programs; students of all counties interact with each other to weave threads of harmony, to strengthen ties of goodwill, peace & friendship among nations.

    Every year our school students (a group of 2 boys & 2 girls) along with a leader attend a month long cultural exchange program at the international level. The commitment of Manav Sthali dates back to year 1978 when the students delegations started visiting counties like UK, U.S.A , Mexico, Australia, Denmark, Finland, Brazil, Japan, Sweden, Italy etc.

    Manav Sthali School also hosted International groups under this program & the International groups got a glimpse of warm Indian hospitality & taste of rich & diverse culture of India during their stay.

    Mrs. Mamta V Bhatnagar, Director of Manav Sthali School and President, CISV, India firmly believes that cultural experience for the young children facilitates them to be self dependent & instills a feeling of responsibility.

    Three camps in 2011

    Ist CAMP (2011) – POONA CAMP

    Represented by Ms. Divya Suneja along with students delegates Misha Sood, Ishu Aggarwal, Gulshan Gupta,Arzoo Arora to Pune Camp from 15th June to 12th July 2011.


    Represented by Ms.Ruchi Gautam with students delegates Ayushee Thukral, Aarushi Goel, Anuja Kathuria, Urvi Bhatia, Diksha Dhingra, Devyani Dhingra to Sweden Interchange from 17th June to 7th July 2011

    IIIrd CAMP (2011) – NORWAY CAMP

    Represented by Ms. Sanya Valecha with students delegates Sarthak Kohli, Pragya Bhutoria ,Ashpreet Kaur, Pushkar Bansal to Norway from 1st July to 28th July 2011.

    Two camps in 2010

    I st CAMP (2010)

    Represented by Mrs. Gagan Dhir along with Ms. Saumya Kapoor , Ms. Muskan Bajaj, Master Tarun Seth & Master Jeman Juneja at Biloxi, Mississippi , USA from 25th June to 22nd June 2010

    II nd CAMP (2010)

    Represented by Mrs. Manjushree Pandey along with Ms. Muskan Gandhi, Ms. Divya Agarwal, Master Sahaj Somani & Master Dhruv Aggarwal at Luneburg Village – Germany from 2nd July to 29th July 2010

    Two camps in 2009

    I st CAMP (2009)

    Represented by Dr. Reena Sachdeva along with four student delegates – Ms. Wamika Sachdeva, Ms. Nitika Jain, Master Harshit Jain & Master Keshav Sachdeva at Smorgasbord Village, Jonkoping, Sweden from 3rd July 2009 to 3rd August 2009.

    II nd CAMP (2009)

    Represented by Ms. Neha Kherpal along with Ms. Anuja Kathuria, Ms. Radhika Goel, Master Anjani Bansal & Master Saransh Bajaj at Bergen Norway from 3rd July 2009 to 3rd August 2009.

  2. ODYSSEY OF THE MIND:OoTM is an international educational program that provides creative problem-solving opportunities for students from kindergarten through college. Team members apply their creativity to solve problems that range from building mechanical devices to presenting their own interpretation of literary classics. They then bring their solutions to competition on the local, state, and World level. Thousands of teams from throughout the U.S. and from about 25 other countries participate in the program.It’s been running successfully for more than 25 years and each year the creativity level of the students reaches a new height.

    Why Manav Sthali School participated in Odyssey of the Mind?

    Manav Sthali School believes in providing the best in education to the students. OoTM is a good opportunity for students to express themselves creatively, manage creative problem solving, understand their own interest and abilities, be involved in self learning process, apply and execute their own ideas creatively as well as get a platform to compete on national and international level.

    Moreover, OoTM believes that participation in OoTM help:

    1. Students develop team-building skills by working in groups of as many as seven students per team.
    2. Students learn to examine problems and to identify the real challenge without limiting the possible solutions and their potential success.
    3. The creative-thinking process is nurtured and developed as a problem-solving tool.
    4. Students of all types will find something that will appeal to them.
    5. The fun of participation leads to an elevated interest in regular classroom curricula.
    6. Teachers have a program to further provide students with a well-rounded education.

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Odyssey of the Mind’ 2019 – World Finals

In a journey of solving different problems in the most creative, innovative and efficient manner, the student of Manav Sthali School thought and acted spontaneously in Odyssey of the Mind Finals 2019’. Under the able guidance and leadership of Respected Director and Founder Principal, Mrs. Mamta V. Bhatnagar,  two teams comprising of seven members each got the first rank and Gold Medal in their respective problems at the regional  and national level competition held  in Feb’ 2019.

These teams along with their coaches MS. Madhu Kakkar, Ms. Manisha Mahajan and Jyoti Kanwal went on to exhibit their immense creativity, independent outlook and out of the box thinking in world finals 2019 in Michigan state university, East Lansing, Michigan from May 22nd to May 25th 2019.

Solving an ’Odyssey of the Mind’ problem and competing on the world stage our students indeed attained a global exposure that broadened their outlook and enhanced their perspective for a better tomorrow. They attained lot of praise and appreciation not only for their excellent enthusiastic performance but also for the zeal and energy they exhibited in the competition. They were extremely creative and innovative in their spontaneous problems.

The world finals undoubtedly proved to be a perfect platform for excelling in innovative practices. Problem —Omer on rescue again – Division 1 – Team Coaches: Ms. Madhu Kakkar, Ms. Manisha Mahajan,  Team Members: Pranav Arora (VIII), Pratham Sidana (IX), Stuti Khandelwal, Vansh Gupta, Dhruv Gupta, Shivani Ahuja   and Pranav Nanda, all from class IX.

Problem: Leonardo’s Workshop- Division 2, Team coach: Ms .Jyoti Kanwal, Team Members: Nakul (VIII), Divyansh Verma(VIII), Tarang Ahuja, Anishka Sarna, Chahat Singhal, Hiya Khandelwal (all from class IX) and Prerak Mehra (class X).

Odyssey of the Mind- World Finals 2019’ was a creative extravaganza where 900 teams from all over the world shared their ideas and work.

Odyssey of the Mind’ 2019 – Eurofest

Odyssey of the Mind is an international educational program that provides creative problem-solving opportunities for students from kindergarten to college. Team members apply their creativity to solve problems that range from building mechanical devices to presenting their own interpretation of literary classics. Every year the regionals are held in the month of January and this year our team of 7 children qualified to compete in Eurofest that was to be held in St. Petersburg, Russia from 25th —30th April 2019.

Under the inspiring guidance of Director & Founder Principal Mrs Mamta V Bhatnagar, our teams of ’MANAVS’ went to ’’Eurofest2019’’ to participate and represent India under Odyssey of the Mind. This year Saint Petersburg hosted Euorofest 2019 and showcased great talent from around 12 countries. It was indeed a great platform to present the creativity and meet likeminded people who in turn will be our reliable and devoted friends. The 27th Eurofest of Odyssey of the Mind was represented by a team of 7 students (Shivangi Garg, Dia Bajaj, Dhwani Arora, Saisha Bhatnagar, Samarth Khatiwada, Harshit Jain and Vedant Tulani) alongwith 2 coaches (Ms Anjali Gulati and Ms Tapasya Banerjee) from our school.

The theme for this year’s “EUROFEST” was “SPACE” to commemorate the 85th birth anniversary of Yuri Gagarin. The 5 day extravaganza saw more than 700 participants competing in 5 different problem areas. The mixed team problem was a challenge as the team had to communicate with teams from BELARUS and RUSSIA and present their performance. However, overcoming all adversities the team presented a brilliant act and was much appreciated for the effort.

After the 5 days of Eurofest there was an extended 2 days of cultural and educational trip to Moscow which was thoroughly enjoyed by the students and the coaches. Stepping into the stunning city of Moscow and witnessing it get decked up for the LABOUR DAY celebration was definitely a once in a lifetime opportunity. Added to it the beautiful and majestic Moscow circus gave the entire tour a new dimension. This tour will for sure serve as a cherished memoir for all and will be a reminder of the golden opportunity that was bestowed upon us to represent India. We would like to quote the ’HISTORICAL PHRASE’ of Gagarin’s space journey that served as the inspiration for Eurofest2019:

POYEKHALI” meaning “Let’s go”.

Odyssey of the Mind’ 2015

Manav Sthalians are rising high on the World Map following the third consecutive success trail in World Finals 2015 where more than 850 teams from around the world participated.

Two teams qualified in regional’s to participate for “Odyssey of the Mind”- US World Finals 2015′ which was held at Michigan State University, East Lansing, Michigan from 19.05.2015 to 23.05.2015 and the team thereafter went to Orlando, Florida for a School trip from 23.05.2015 to 29.05.2015.

Mrs. Sushma Sethi & Mrs. Nidhi Kapoor headed two teams; first teams comprising of 5 team members Akansha Chadha, Muskaan Malhotra, Mehak Ahuja, Ronit Ashra, Namam Tulsyan from Class VII. They resolved their Problem “Pandora’s Box”, creatively and innovatively which led them to secure 35th rank Worldwide. The other team comprised of members Divjyot S. Narula, Tanmay Ashra, Shubham Dhingra, Sudharsh Kansal, Vats Khanna from Class IX. They participated for the Problem “Loose your Marbles”, wherein they had to make a strong structure with Balsa Wood weighing 18 grams . The teams structure was able to carry 115 KGs making the team secure 44 World Wide Rank.

The third team qualified the regionals of “Odyssey of the Mind” and won the 2nd position for the problem “Silent movie” wherein the students got the opportunity to represent India and School in the “Odyssey of the mind EUROFEST 2015” held at Chelyabinsk, Russia from 01.05.2015 to 07.05.2015. 40 teams from more than 9 countries around the world participated for the same. Ms. Jyoti Kanwal along with team comprising of Prachi Sarna VII , Vaibhav Sarna VIII , Anika Bansal VIII , Namo Jain IX, Muskan Goel IX had participated. The team really dazzled the judges in the long term problem as they appreciated their creative ideas, costumes, props & performance. They won medals and certificates for the same.

Odyssey of the Mind 2014

MANAV STHALIANS once again marked their presence by successfully competing for the 2nd time at the International level of Odyssey of the Mind 2014.
From Manav Sthali School 7 teams competed for five different problems at Regional and National level. One team made us proud by scoring 1st rank (Gold Medal) in their respective problem & 2 teams won Silver Medal in their respective problems.

TEAM 1: Odyssey of the mind, a creative extravaganza hosted the finals of 2014 OOTM in Iowa State University, Ames. Iowa, USA held from28th May-4th June 2014. More than 863 teams participated in this creative fair to showcase their ideas and work. From Manav Sthali School, a 5 member’s team comprising of Wamika Sachdev, Soumya Dhingra, Muskaan Gandhi, Harshit Verma and Vidur Seth along with their coach Ms. Mansi Bajaj represented India in their World Finals of OOTM, this year.

They had won Gold Medal in the regional level earlier this year in their problem which was named ‘Seeing is Believing’ under Division III and hence were invited to participate in USA finals. In this theatrical problem, the team had to incorporate various given tasks in their performance. The team received huge applause and accolades from the judges for their colourful and majestic performance. The judges were all gaga over the beautifully crafted props and specially applauded the team as each and every single piece had been designed by the students themselves.

TEAM 2: A seven member team which won Silver Medal in Regional’s in division II designed and built a vehicle driven by a team member enacting the driver’s character taking the driver’s test. The innovative props, costumes, the vehicle and the theme were all prepared by the students. They were all proud participants in the World finals held at IOWA State University campus, IOWA, USA. The performance of the team was much appreciated by the judges and the audience.

TEAM 3: The team winning Silver Medal at Regional and National level got a chance to perform at the international level, in Eurofest at Tatralandia, Slovakia for the World Finals from 24th April -2nd May 2014. It was a gala event where more than 90 teams from different countries participated. Our team showcased outstanding performances in spontaneous and long-term. The team was also appreciated for their innovative costumes, the spooky backdrop, hydraulic arm which they created. In Mixed – Team problem, the team performed with Bellarus and Slovakian team.

2013: Manav Sthali School , R-Block, New Rajendra Nagar, New Delhi, participated for the first time in the regionals with 5 teams for 5 problems, one for each and stood out as winners. Manav Sthali is a proud achiever of 2 Gold Medals in two divisions. The teams that won gold medals in the regional level presented creative solution to a mechanical based problem and a performance based problem.The team then participated in the world finals at Michigan State University where they stood 18th worldwide and 1st in India.

In the mechanical based problem a team of 7 students between the age group of 13-14 years along with 2 coaches had to design and depict a creative performance that includes a technical representation of messages being sent by email where in team members were not allowed to touch the emails while the server is processing the message. The team members were Kartik Bhatia, Shivam Sehgal, Hirday Khanna, Raghav Gupta, Ria Bhatia, Sehar Malhotra, and Tanisha Bajaj.

In the performance based problem another team of 7 students between the age group of 13-14 years along with their coaches were told to present an original humorous performance that includes two characters that act naturally to them but odd to those around them and hence establishing the contradictions of different aspects of human behavior. The team won accolades for their style & originality factor. The team members were Soumya Dhingra, Wamika Sachdev, Somya Rehan, Kanav Bhalla, Lehar Khan, Rehet Madan, and Raghav Khunteta.