Intra School Events

GREENIZATION: A way of life

“Green is not something that you can buy
Green is a way of life.
So treasure everything,
Think Permaculturally
Live Sustainably – in all ways.
Make it, grow it, build it yourself…
Do all that you can, with all that you have.”
– Anonymous

Sensitizing the students, developing their thought process through a well planned series of activities & programmes about the importance of preservation & conservation of environment is a regular feature at Manav Sthali School.

Each day, Manav Sthalians ensure that their hands that take from Mother Earth also give back to her, and this is done by simply taking care and spending time with the plants that they have adopted, talking to trees and composting.

With the same spirit, Student council along with the Anushasit group organised another set of activities to ensure that every student is continuously reminded of its duties towards the Earth under Greenization.

Greenization is a way of life at Manav Sthali School. Our young crusaders celebrate it with joy and zeal, with an aim to “plant, nurture and carry forward the legacy’’.
The toddlers of Class I – IV of International Primary Wing participated in many activities and with their tiny hands enjoyed the carbon print activity. They also participated in Fancy Dress show with the theme of “Environment protection”. Creatively and aesthetically dressed, they were very confident, facing the camera, they also talked of their contributions towards environment during interviews conducted by the Student council and Anushasit group.

Students of Class III, IV and V participated in a poem recitation activity. Students from Classes I-VIII campaigned for a plantation drive where they planted seeds and saplings to replenish the air, purify our earth. The students of Class VIII also crafted bookmarks and rekindled their commitment to save Mother Earth.

Mrs. Mamta Bhatnagar, Director and Founder Principal inspired and encouraged the students and staff to have reverence for the innumerous precious gifts nature has bestowed on us and to cherish and conserve them forever. She has always guided the students that we should celebrate every day as Earth Day and should make a difference by our contribution towards environment.


Manav Sthali School has always striven to provide its students the best of facilities to hone their talents and therefore, invited the Shiamak Davar’s Institute of Performing Arts to teach the student various dance styles. The program which was based on the theme ‘Around the World’ was enacted beautifully with the help of the SDIPA instructors for which the students worked very hard. The occasion was graced by Mr. Anurag Bhatnagar who witnessed an on the spot brief dance for the parents. The parents were so delighted and proud to see their kids performing so well on the stage that a few of them decided to come on stage and express their feelings. With dance forms like jazz, jazz funk and hip-hop etc. for presentation the third year of Shiamak Davar’s Dance Education Program was another success for Manav Sthali School.



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“Take care of the Earth and she will take care of you”Manav Sthali feels proud to inculcate sensitivity among its students towards the conservation of environment. Earth day is one of the special events in our school which is committed towards the preservation and conservation of environment. The school takes the initiative to incorporate the important values of environmental awareness. The celebration includes tree plantation, a cultural program and an exhibition highlighting the need of the hour- “Conservation of nature”


Manav Sthali School organizes Science Week which is annual feature of the school.

It includes various competitions & programs related to Science & Technology, which helps in increasing a child‟s awareness in the field of science.

Science Week includes events like Quiz, Symposium, & Ham (Half a Minute) in which the students put forward their ideas on various topics which dealt with Biology, Biotechnology, and Chemistry & Physics.

A Science Exhibition is also organized where the models are prepared on various themes & sub- themes like Food & Health, Energy, and Information Technology, Biotechnology, transport & Communication.

Plant Tissue Culture Project by Simran & Geetika of XI was selected for the State Level Jawaharlal Nehru Children Exhibition 2003.


The school organized a Science Exhibition – XPLORE -2010 which displayed efforts made by the students of classes IX, X, XI. The occasion was graced by Dr. P Ananda Kumar, Project Director, National Research Centre, Department of Plant Biotechnology.

Dr. Ananda Kumar was pleased to see the budding scientists with so much of creativity. The models of the young scientists were judged by Dr. Ananda & faculty members. Four outstanding models were selected for the zonal level.

The model based on control centric circuit made by Kovid Khandelwal & Akshay of class XI bagged the first prize. Kriti Bhayana, Chandrakala Arora,Namya & Seher won the second prize for their model on Green Energy.