Inter School Initiatives

  1. COMMONOMICS: The Commerce Association of Manav Sthali School organizes the annual & much awaited Annual Inter School Commonomics Carnival every year in the school auditorium for various prestigious schools of Delhi & around.
    The carnival endeavors to provide a platform to students of various prestigious schools to interact with each other in the healthy atmosphere on the current development in the field of commerce & Economics. Various events organized include Panel Discussion, “WTO- the Global Issue today”, “Half a Minute”, ‘Seller to Customer” & AD Mart.The events such as Ham & Half a Minute provides the participants to use their sharp wits & gives the judges a hard time to judge their verbal competence. Panel Discussion on “WTO – The Core Global Issue Today ‘covers the geographical indicators, agriculture, services & pharmaceuticals.

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    Brainwave, an annual feature of Manav Sthali School, draws an enthusiastic response from school students all over & around Delhi. Brainwave provides a wide platform to increase global awareness & develop mutual understanding with one another, to make education interactive & to encourage students to imbibe the finer qualities of team spirit & healthy competition.

    Manav Sthali School emphasizes that the children of today are the leaders of tomorrow. These competitions help to strengthen & develop organizational & administrative skills in the students & make them understand the importance of being disciplined, punctual & responsible in group tasks. The use of latest technology coupled with eye-catching multimedia & audio visual aids in the quiz contest makes it thrilling & lively experience.

    More than 30 schools participate with full zeal and enthusiasm and best teams from different schools qualify for the onstage quiz contest.


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    The Annual Mathematics Talent test was initiated in the year 1984 with the aim of exploring & sharpening the minds of young mathematicians. The students from classes VI to XII from various prestigious schools of Delhi & around participate every year in this exam. The total no. of students who have appeared in this exam since 1984 is above 51,137 (Fifty One Thousand one hundred thirty seven). This talent test has served as a platform for the students to appear for Exams held at National & International Level. The overwhelming response from various schools of Delhi & around has made this event a regular feature.

    Every year Math Talent Test Award Distribution Ceremony is organized. The titles for the award presentation ceremony are classified on the basis of percentage of marks secured by the students in the talent test. The school with the overall best performance is presented with a rolling trophy & merit certificates & participation certificates are presented to all the participants.

    The Annual event provides an opportunity to the students to exhibit their skills & further explore their knowledge on the subject. It emphasizes on the importance of mathematics in our daily life & focuses on the significance of mathematics in other fields of Science, Philosophy, and Geography & History.

  4. BIOTECHNOLOGY CONCLAVE: SHAPING THE FUTURE: Manav Sthali School is driven by the mission to make our nation strong through most advanced technologies. Biotechnology seems to be a sudden new biological revolution. It has brought us to the brink of a world of “Engineered “products that are based in the natural world rather than on chemical & individual processes.In its purest form, the term Biotechnology refers to the use of living organisms or their products to modify human health & human environment. Manav Sthali has taken a lead in bringing forth a Botanical Garden to facilitate the students in their quest and furnish their research projects in biotechnology.The new tools of Biotechnology will enable us to speed up the advancement and development of the country with its benefits flowing in many areas of agriculture, industry, medicine etc. such as higher genetic yield potential, increased resistance to diseases and insects (Bt cotton), producing edible vaccines, Genetically Modified foods (Golden rice), transgenic, improved methods for diagnostics, treatment of dreadful diseases using stem cell technology.

    Our mission is to make Biotechnology a useful tool for students. To educate those who may not have as much experience with Biology and Biotechnology while at the same time providing quick access to Biology related resources. Our goal is to educate, facilitate, and inform as many sources as possible, of Biotechnology related information to our students.

    India is one of the twelve most “bio diverse” countries of the World. A strong infrastructure for research in at least 30 institutes has already been established in India with the assistance from the Department of Biotechnology, Government of India.

    The first Manav Sthali Inter Institutional quiz contest Biotechnology Conclave was organized on 20th November 2003 in the school auditorium & it is an annual feature. The Biotechnology Conclave includes a quiz contest for the budding technologists of various schools in and around Delhi. The center of attraction was the release of the newsletter “Manav Bliss-Biotechnology-shaping the future” which was graciously released by the director of Manav Sthali School, Mrs. Mamta V Bhatnagar along with the chief guest, Professor K.Muralidhar.

    The conclave received blessings from the Honorable President of India, Dr APJ Abdul Kalam. In his message, he extended his warm greetings and felicitations to the school and wished the conclave and the news letter every success.

  5. EPOCH

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    Infotech FestManav Infotech Association (MITA) organizes EPOCH, an inter-institutional infotech fest each year. EPOCH serves as a perfect platform for participants to explore their talent and skills in the field of Information Technology. The programme initiated in the year 2003 and became a regular feature of school events.

    At Manav Sthali, we promote this euphoria of learning. Use of latest technology with eye catching multimedia presentation and audio-visuals make the event a thrilling and lively experience.

    A galore of intellectually stimulating events are held every year. From Quiz to Multimedia, PowerPoint presentation to Movie Making, EPOCH has everything to conquer imagination of one and all.

    With an aim to foster the spirit of learning, the students of different schools participate and interact with each other on the current developments in the field of Information Technology. MITA organizes events with vivid versatility reflected through a series of events like

    • Slide N Glide (Presentation made using MS-Powerpoint)
    • Flash Ur Magic (Drawing a picture using Paint Brush and animate the same using Macromedia Flash)
    • Genius Bucket (Theme based designing with the help of Photoshop software and Internet browsing)
    • Dip N Dive (Quiz that tests the wits of participants in the field of Information Technology)

    Trophies are given to the deserving winners to applaud their efforts and encourage them to reach further pinnacles of success.

  6. TRYST: The Humanities are academic discipline that study human culture using methods that are primarily analytical, critical or speculative and having a significant historical element as distinguished from the empirical approaches of the natural sciences. The humanities include ancient and modern languages literature, philosophy, religion and visual and performing arts such as music and theatre.The humanities are also regarded as social science, anthropology, area studies, communication studies, cultural studies, law, economics & linguistics.Through humanities we reflect on the fundamental question, ‘What does it mean to be human’?

    Keeping this in mind Manav Sthali Humanities & Association Organises “Tryst” and inter-class, inter-branch and intra school event with the objective to make young minds work on diverse cultures, races, religions and lifestyles, to develop the skill to comprehended, analyze, interpret, evaluate historical evidence, to give a multidisciplinary approach to topics, to inculcate spirit of inquiry and research, to develop managerial skills of co-ordination, self-direction and time management, and also to develop a global perspective and an international outlook.

    To achieve these objectives and aims various competitions like skills, quizzes, debates, slogan-writing, collage making are held regularity at various levels.

    In today’s society of collapsing values ‘Tryst’ is first an effort to make every student a complete and a better manav.

    We hope that this effort successfully helps us to attain the goal of expanding and spreading knowledge.

    After all at Manav Sthali, it is all about being a better manav, always.