Manav Sthali School with a new vision in the field of education has introduced “Foundation Education in Technology” as a part of school curriculum from class’s I-VIII. The main idea behind the introduction of this subject is an insight into the young technological minds.

Dr. V.K. Bhatnagar, Founder Chairman, Manav Sthali School firmly believes that India can reach the status of TECHNO ADVANCED NATION. India should have technological strength for economic and trade related growth and the revolution required for this must start at the earliest. Technological strengths are the key creating more productive employment in an increasing competitive market and for this students have to be upgraded from their childhood. An India aspiring to a developed status must have a technology vision.

It is realized that technology is the highest wealth generator in the shortest period if it is deployed in the right direction. Technologies strengthen the political, economic and security structure of the nation. It can help transform multiple areas. Major technological achievements of our country have come about through the endeavors of thousands of people who have studied in schools of different parts of India.

He strongly trusts in creating more challenging environment aimed to explore and sharpen the minds of our future techno and scientists. Therefore, this subject is specially designed to make students aware of significance of technology and electric gadgets in day to day life.

The subject has been well planned for every class. The students delve more into the practical aspects of the subject & less on theory, indulging in techno activities & various projects that include presentation of self made models. The school also screened various movies like AIRPORT & THE PREFECT STORM for the better understanding of the subject & provides access to sources like books, internet, CD’s school resource library and of course technological experts. The students are duly rewarded & appreciated on the basis of their performance The subject has been well planned for every class. The young minds of 1st and 2nd focus on traffic lights & bicycles respectively, while the students of 3rd & 4th learn about cars, uses of various cells, torches and clocks, stethoscope & battery operated appliances. Class 5thstudents learn about human body, the uses of weighing machines & burglar’s alarm while class 7th students learn about ships & mobile phones. Class 6th students did a project on Metro Delhi and a slide projector. In this regard the students experienced the exciting Metro ride between Trinagar & Shahadra. They also visited the exhibition on wheels at the Safdarjung Railway Station. Likewise class 8th students, in order to have a better understanding of their curriculum, Aeronautics, made a flying visit to Air Force museum, New Delhi and to the Hindon Air Force Base, where they witnessed Ultra Light Air Craft and under ground run way.

Dr. V.K. Bhatnagar has always emphasized the importance of technology from grass root level. Manav Sthali School organized “Techno Edge 2003” – A unique technology based quiz, the first of its kind. The quiz explored and sharpened the minds of budding scientists and engineers. The quiz comprised of six rounds namely computerized questionnaire, pick and speak, spurt round, canon ball and Iconography

Under his guidance Manav Sthali School organized a technology related exhibition “TECHNO ERA” on 27th Feb 2004 in the school premises. He emphasized on the value of Technical education aiming to make students familiar with the latest and upcoming inventions and technologies, imparting additional information and widening the thought process of the child.

The theme of the exhibition was “Foundation Education in Technology”. The exhibition was organized by the students of Classes VI, VII and VIII. It had showcased their talent by exhibiting more than 200 models of railways, metro, ships and marines and working model of airplanes. Besides this students had also displayed various charts, photographs, collages and folders related to their respective topics during the exhibitions.

The main attraction of the show was the Aero taxiing and the Aero flying show, where the models of Control Line and Choper model flew up to height of 100m. This has filled up the atmosphere with great joy and enthusiasm amongst all.

The students have excitedly accepted new subject Foundation Education in Technology. The project will help channelizing the boundless energies of young children and become the foundation for shaping the future engineers, doctors and industrialists.