Festivals and Celebrations

Indian culture is unique and every aspect of it is constructive. Manav Sthali School firmly believes that when children are exposed to our culture, it lays down the foundation of sound education.

With this view, our school celebrates many important festivals and days of historical significance.

True patriots have not only intense love for, but also a deep sense of pride for their country.

The ability to make great sacrifices and to work enthusiastically for the nation, emerges in a great sweep of energy during the celebration of Independence Day at Manav Sthali.

On the occasion of Republic Day, the spirit of unity, progress, harmony and equality, emblazons the school with a patriotic fervour. On this auspicious day, Manav Sthalians pledge to join together to bring forth a global society, founded on universal love, economic justice and a culture of peace.

Lord Krishna lived the life of a great spiritualist in action, on the mundane plane of everyday life.

A true karamyogi himself, his actions preach the same to the world.

Janamashtmi celebrations held in our school, is an attempt to make young minds aware of the need to act selflessly in every situation, irrespective of its outcome. Graceful dance sequences and colourful stage performances by the students depicting scenes from the life of Lord Krishna are a perfect entertainment for the audience.

Diwali is celebrated as the festival of light to mark the home coming of Lord Ram after fourteen years of exile. In this age of values, Lord Ram stands tall as the supreme upholder of social and ethical values. In his role as ‘Maryada Purushottam’, he clearly defines the roles of an ideal son, brother, students, master, enemy and a king and people need to evaluate him for a righteous living.

At Manav Sthali, the school wears a festive look with decorated classrooms and corridors. The students and teachers pay obeisance to lord Ganesha and goddess Lakshmi, for bringing prosperity in their lives.

Jesus, the saviour of mankind, preached values of universal love, brotherhood, mercy, kindness, benevolence and charity to the world.

Students from the primary section participate enthusiastically, giving lively, colourful performances to spread the message of Christ.

The great attraction on the occasion is the arrival of the santa claus who distributes sweets and gifts among the children.