Foster humanity & compassion.
Produce ambassadors of our Indian values & culture.
Enhance the inborn talents and empower students to be skilled workforce.
Fabricate fine Leaders to contribute in growth & development of our country & cultivate pride in patriotism.
Prepare them to be capable & successful Global citizens.


Our mission is to provide a congenial & safe environment to foster our students holistically into empowered, compassionate, skilled global citizens who will take our country to greater heights. Our focus is well balanced development of every child: physically, intellectually, creatively, emotionally, spiritually, morally and aesthetically.

Emphasis is laid on building compassionate Manavs, through the interwoven international dimension in our curriculum. For continuous enhancement, teacher training programs, array of pedagogical methods, new subjects & latest technology is regularly introduced. In order to bequeath our values & traditions, the school celebrates cultural diversity, patriotic and international days. We strive to have our parents, teachers, and community members actively involved in our students’ learning odyssey to evolve as future peace ambassadors, nature lovers and compassionate global citizens.

Students are recognized as individuals with a need to succeed. Thus, are provided with unlimited opportunities to empower them to pursue their interests, be it academics, artistic, co-curricular or sports and become active & responsible leaders of our world with a sense of pride for themselves, for their school, community & their country.

International Policy

Through the inclusion of an international dimension in Manav Sthali School, we aim to provide our students with opportunities to develop international curiosity, to enhance their learning experience, to help them be aware of their global identity & responsibility as an active global citizen.


  1. To integrate the global dimension within the school curriculum & engage students to celebrate the earth as their world
  2. To prepare students as Ambassadors of Humanity : Global citizens fostered with international skills, values & perceptions
  3. Develop current and new international relationships


  • To lay the foundation for friendship, peace & respect in our students & foster humanity and compassion
  • To assist our students to become aware of the world around them and of its local & global issues for its sustainable development
  • To facilitate development of the personal skills in our students to contribute as active global citizens in the world
  • To make children aware of their own nationality as part of their Identity as well as an understanding of their belongingness to the world
  • To help students understand and imbibe Global citizenship skills themes and outlook such as creative thinking, critical thinking, collaborating, communication, conflict resolution, self awareness & empathy
  • To develop our students with a sense of belongingness, with an attitude for equality & justice, understanding of rights and responsibilities, with adequate knowledge to take action to address local & global issues
  • To help our students equip for successful and responsible lives in an interconnected & interdependent world
  • To provide international opportunities to our staff & students to understand, experience and respect various cultures & beliefs

Plan of action for next 3 years:

  • Increase the awareness of the global dimension among staff, students and the wider community across the whole school
  • Identify and integrate the global perspective in new areas of the curriculum
  • Try to actively participate in international programs such as students tours, competitions, exchange programs, training and workshops, international visitors, collaborative projects & learning
  • International days celebration and comparative studies to be part of our Global Harmony club
  • Review International Policy for continuous learning


Gearing up,
Stepping one step ahead,
We gonna reach the sky and
Fly so high

Accelerate your dreams,
And wake up to see the world,

We Manav Sthalians
We Manav Sthalians
We are the guide for humanity
We are the future, the brightest one,
We are the guide for humanity
We are the future, the brightest one,

A new light
A new way
A new style
We gonna make it
So gear up accelerate
And take a break
We gonna make it

We are the orchids, we are the moonflowers
That bloom in the day light
And the night sky
We are champions
We are the mighty minds
So gear up accelerate, and take a break, we gonna make it……..
So gear up accelerate, and take a break, we gonna make it……..

We Manav Sthalians……..
We Manav Sthalians……..
We Manav Sthalians……..


Composed by Students of VIII-2013
Kanav Ratan Bhalla, Yashasvi Samrat, Shivangi Aggarwal, Raghav Khunteta, Poorva Jain, Aakarshak Sharma, Aayushii Dhawan, Tarun Seth, Dhruv Sachdeva, Jasreen Kaur


Genio- The Kung Fu Panda

Genio- the Kung Fu Panda is the first official mascot of any school ever in Delhi. Genio, meaning genius in Spanish, epitomizes the spirit of the school. This mascot symbolizes courage, persistence, hardwork and a never say die attitude just like Po, in the film Kung Fu Panda. Po, in the film Kung Fu Panda overcame every hurdle that came in his way to become a Kung Fu fighter and it was with the same idea that the concept of Genio was developed. During competitive events, Genio stands as a morale booster for the students. He provides them with the encouragement that every contestant requires on the field. Genio is not simply a mascot, he is the symbol of inspiration and motivation providing a drive to every student to strive and become the best they can.

Developed by : Taanisha Bajaj, Anika Pahwa, Manvika Jain and Ashwariya


Manav Sthali students have always excelled in all walks of life, be it academics, sports, cultural or music, as they are guided and motivated by our well-trained and highly experienced galaxy of teachers. The school has churned out the best of the faculty members who have shown excellent results for innumerable years.

Our academic fraternity aims to achieve school’s ideal that is ‘To strive, to seek, to find, and never to yield’ by preparing students to face the challenges and overcome the hurdles that come their way. Our teachers take special care to ensure that the knowledge imparted is more in depth and exhaustive and not superficial, which is why our students perform with ease at any forum, contributing actively and fruitfully.
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Manav Sthali is centrally located at the heart of the city. The campus is flourishing in 3.178 acres surrounded by thriving green woods. Flower be-decked lush green lawns greet you as you step inside the premises. Spread over three blocks, the double storied building faces the skating rink on the front and the playground on the rear side. The entrance, with greenery lining the passage, leads you to the School Reception. It’s simple yet sophisticated ambience and décor welcomes the visitors.

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