Team Achievements

Team Achievements 2015-2016

  1. Kashish Dhingra and Anshita Bhardwaj of class X participated in the “Battle of Words,” a debate competition held at Bal Bharti Public School, Pitampura and won the second position. Their act was a multidimensional conversation between two famous personalities. The presentation was a blend of English & Hindi and a total of 18 teams participated in the competition.
  2. 1st prize bagged by Arpit Saxena and Mohit Kumar of class X in BDMC 2015 – 3D Dynamism held at Cambridge Foundation School. They created a 3D movie trailer in Macromedia Flash on “Super Heroes” ; the on the spot topic. They portrayed a villain character who enters into the Virtual World to destruct everything and then the Super Hero comes for the rescue.
  3. Yet another 1st prize was won by Manav Sthali School students with their “Nukkad Natak” based on a Social Theme- “Clean and Green World” held at Bal Bharati School, Ganga Ram. The play titled “Gandagi ki Bandagi” was a satire on Cleanliness. A humorous yet a thought provoking 6 min long play was awarded the Ist prize for its story, presentation and execution. The team of 8 students from class VIII, who performed were Sanya Mahajan, Rivanshi Ahuja, Suhani Chawla, Gaurika Verma, Akanshi, Raghav Sharma, Sukhman Singh and Kartikey Anand.
  4. 1st prize was bagged by Garvit Khurana and Parth Gupta of Class XII with their magical foam snake in “PULSE 2015 – Breaking the Magician’s Code” held at Bal Bharati School, Ganga Ram. The students performed a magic trick based on the principle(s) of chemistry and explained the principle(s) involved.
  5. Manav Sthali bagged the 1st prize in a French song competition @ Alliance Francaise on 21st March’15. The team sang “Libérée, Délivrée by Anaïs Delva” (English Version of “Let it go” from the movie, ‘Frozen’)The following students participated and made the school and parents proud:
    Khushi Saraf VI Mehak Gupta VI
    Karishma Manocha VI Khushi Kapoor VI
    Vanshika Khurana VI Smridhi Suri VI
    Harshita Arora VIII Vanshika Luthra VIII
    Ananya Bandyopadhyaya VIII Mishika Verma VIII
  6. Ishita Narang & Sumeet Oberoi of class XI won 3rd position at the Inter School Declamation & Power Point presentation held at Springdales School Pusa Road during Literacy week 2015. They were given the topic: Literacy can deliver real and lasting change in the life of the poor. They raised issues and challenges about how even after so much of initiative our schools in the rural areas go without students in the classrooms. They also laid emphasis on broadening our minds and accept the new changes as Education leads to opportunities.
  7. Arpit Saxena and Mohit Kumar , of Class X bagged 3rd position in Animazione held at Navy Children School. They had to make an advertisement to attract people to buy their product ‘Oculus Rift’, that will make them feel being a part of the virtual world.

Team Achievements 2014-2015

  1. Derek’s Yippee Challenge and Faster Smarter Better Challenge
  2. Quiz Master from Derek O’Brien Associates conducted the Yippee Challenge for classes 5 to 7 and the Faster Smarter Better Challenge for classes 8 to 10 on 18 th and 19 th November, 2014 respectively. The top scoring teams in the Intra- School event got a chance to be a part of the Inter-School competition held at Frank Anthony Public School. Out of 80 plus teams, 6 teams in each category battled it out for the City Finals stage round.

    Anuj Pahuja, Keshav bansal and Shashwat Mittal won the 4 th position in the Yippee Challenge and Vasu Goel, Arpit Saxena and Dhruv Mahajan won the 6 th position in the Faster Smarter Better Challenge. This challenge was the perfect way to test students’ logical, analytical skills, thinking skills, general awareness, public speaking and memorization power.

  3. Inter school French competition:
  4. Students went to Ambience Public School, Vasant Kunj, Safdurjung Enclave on 7th Aug 2014 to take part in the various events of the inter school French competition. The events included French quiz, song enactment, and traditional dance form of France (ballet). Out of the three events, students of Manav Sthali won awards in two. Apart from that, they also won the second prize in the entire south and central zone.

    Students got 2nd position in song enactment, 3rd position in Traditional dance form of France (Ballet) and 2nd position in the entire South and Central zone. Following students took part in song enactment: Sanya Mahajan (VII); Muskaan Gupta (VII); Khushi Bedi (VII); Sanya Gupta (VII); Deepanshi Seth(VII); Manya Upreti (VII); Priya Bajaj(VIII); Rhythm Aggarwal (VIII); Sagrika Mazumdar (VIII); Kalash Malhotra (VIII) and following students were part of the ballet group: Ria Nagpal (V); Khushi Saraf (VI); Tanisha Saigal (VI); Aakansha Chadha (VI); Anuska Sharma (VI); Trisha Talwar (VI); Kriti Singh (VI); Jasmine Makkar (VII); Mahika Anand (VII); Mahika Sachdeva (VII). Their hard work not only got them the awards, but also made them confident.

  5. Inter school Junior GK quiz competition:
  6. Saumya of VIII-F and Keshav of VII-E participated in an Inter school Junior GK quiz competition organized by New Era Public School on 08th August 2014. Students won the second prize in the competition.

  7. Times of India (NIE) Student Reporters Meet:
  8. The event was organized to provide the student reporters of the school a chance to meet the Resident Editor of Times of India, Vikas Singh, author of the book ‘The Petpost Secret’, Radhika Dhariwal and fellow student reporters of other schools. Two students, Snigdha Sarthak- IX-B and Janaki N- IX-A were shortlisted as the school reporters after going through a few tests and auditions. As a part of NIE’s assigned activity, they were asked to read the book ‘The Petpost Secret’ by Radhika Dhariwal and then review it.
    The event took place at Manav Rachna University, Faridabad on 29th August, 2014.The students were addressed by Vikas Singh, the Resident Editor, who told them about the basics of journalism and the prospects of journalism as a career choice. After the impressive talk by Mr. Vikas singh, the author of ‘The petpost secret’, Radhika Dharwal, did some reading from her book. The floor was later open for questions and the students got a chance to interact with such inspirational figures. Through the event, students not only got acquainted with the field of journalism as a probable career choice but also had the fortune to meet the author of the book they had recently enjoyed reading.

  9. Literacy week: Nukkad Natak competition:
  10. The event was organized by St. Francis De Sales School, Janakpuri on 3rd September, 2014. The topic of the play by our team was “Pappu Paas Ho Gaya” which was a satire on fake universities that gamble with the future of the students. Following students took part: Kashish Dhingra (IX); Deepanshi Malhotra (IX); Hriday Soin (X); Manya Goel (X); Vrinda Jain (X); Prateek Vawadhawan(X); Rohil Kakkar (X); Lakshay Vig (X); Pooja Bansal (IX); Muskaan Duggal (X); Nuparth Chaudhary (X); Abhinav Garg (IX); Shivani Sehgal (X); Tanishqa Kumar (IX); Anshita Bhardwaj (IX); Daksh Oberoi (IX); Gatij Dhingra (IX); Rithik Kampani (IX). The play won the third prize in the competition and also got a special mention for their improvisation and choice of topic.

    Manav Sthali is proud of its talented students!

  11. Aeromodelling Contest
  12. Manav Sthali School aimed at nurturing leaders of future and has always given the students a platform to pursue their interests and make them reach cherisable heights.

    Aarushi Dhingra and Kriti Gupta of class IXth were given the opportunity to interact with professional pilots where they were introduced with their day to day problems and how they came across them.

    The main attraction of the event was AEROMODELLING CONTEST where they were provided with a kit to make a working model of an aeroplane which turned out to be a golden opportunity for our students. They bagged the 2nd position in the longest flight category and were awarded with certificates from IIT-DELHI.